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  1. i placed 30 cc to a 16 fr 5 cc foley cath

    How did you find your error?
  2. Did anyone just do 75 questions on the nclex and fail?

  3. Paramedics are taking our Nursing job!

    "I worked for 7 years as the night ER-nurse at a local hospital." Please do not refer to yourself as a nurse. "Nurse" is a legally protect title. There's a reason why the new insurance carrier wouldn't insure you, (not meant as a personal attack, r...
  4. SNOTTY MA claiming to be a nurse!!!!

    libnat, I see that you are a "pre-nursing student", if you get into a nursing program you will likely be taught right off the bat the importance of the title of RN or LPN and exactly why it is not only illegal but dangerous to misrepresent yourself. ...
  5. Any single parents going thru nursing school?

    About a year after I started my prereques my husband left my child and I. He was abusive and not supportive of me (he wanted me to make a nurses salary of course, he just told me I was stupid and could never make it happen--twisted really). So for ...
  6. HELP! Having trouble in fundamentals and need advice!

    Are you having trouble with finding exactly what the question is asking? I've found it helpful to underline the words within the question(we're aloud to write on our tests) that show exactly what they're looking for. If your test is multiple choice...
  7. What color scrubs does your school make you wear for clinicals??

    We wear hunter green with a school patch on the left arm.
  8. Danville, Illinois

    Cuteazz1 when was the last time you lived here? We've had a dramatic rise in crime rate in the past few years, shootings in broad daylight, increased gang activity, break ins, and rampant drug activity. I live in "nice" north neighborhood and just ...
  9. 500 words or less

    Wow, 500 words. Ours was 25 (yes you read that right) words or less. It was really hard to whittle it down without excluding anything I felt they may have been looking for. I think you may want to go back and reread it and expand on what you feel i...
  10. 4 and a 15 minute cat nap in the car before class.
  11. Are family members asking you for med advice?

    I always say "Gee, I wouldn't even begin to guess..." after a few times they get the hint.
  12. Danville, Illinois

    I'm a DACC student as well and I second the others on bring a car and warm clothes. I really don't have anything interesting to add I just wanted to welcome you to Danville! :wink2:
  13. cadavuers in ns school????

    Hi I'm Meg (newby) I'm sure every school is different. In my A&P class we had four cadavers that were already dissected (no skin chest, open, etc.) At first it is somewhat unnerving but after a while it really wasn't so bad, you sort of forget ...