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  1. Hi NickiLaughs!  I am relocating to your neck of the woods from Minnesota and will be looking for a job in early 2021.  Could you message me about a hospital that would hire a stellar candidate with an ADN?

    1. NickiLaughs

      NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

      If you’re talking about Northern California job market for new grad RNs it’s abysmal.  When I relocated up here for work I had significant critical care experience (4 years) which included CRRT, post renal transplant patients and post open hearts and 5 years prior as an an LVN.  This did not include my professional nursing associations and a BSN with high honors.  On top of all that, I had a person I know help me get an interview for an ER job.  I was able to further work myself up from there.

      I currently work with a couple RNs who are still working as LVNs until they can get a job within our company and they’ve been waiting months.

      I would not move to this area without at least two years experience in a sought after specialty.  

      Good luck to you.



    2. cx4457uk


      I thank you kindly for your words of advice.  Perhaps it would be best to try a rural hospital outside of Sacramento after I have some experience to get my foot in the door.  Have a great weekend!