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Mercy65 has 7 years experience and specializes in oncology/hospice/medsurg.


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  1. Mercy65

    Need 30 CEU's now

    I used a few different sites, trying to remember them.
  2. Mercy65

    Need 30 CEU's now

    My computer crashed and the file where I kept my CEU's as I do them through out the year is not gone. I didn't print them out. Need to renew my license by Sept 1. Does anyone know a way to get all CEU's in one shot. Getting ready to go on a 3 week vacation and don't have much time. Please help.
  3. Mercy65

    Hospice in Las vegas

    Any hospice nurses in las vegas out there. I have been doing home hospice for a little over a year now and am so frustrated with all the mandatory overtime. I am burnt out and tired of working 50-60hrs a week, 6 days a week most of the time. I love my patients but can't take the way we are treated by the company. Thinking I need to get out of hospice and go back to hospital. Anyone else going through this?
  4. Mercy65

    Valley hospitals

    anyone have experience with jobs at Valley hospitals? What is shift differ for nights? Do they follow pay scale based on years of experience?
  5. Mercy65

    Masters Degree in What!???

    Then don't go into administration!! Stick with something that allows for flexible hours. The politics of administration is brutal, I work as RNCM for hospice also I was offered management positions but the managers make less money and are stuck at a desk. I am out in the field and make my own hours. Our director is worthless and does nothing but play politics to keep her job and will not stick up for the nurses. I am thinking of going for my APN or NP if I can stay in hospice.
  6. Mercy65

    APN or NP in hospice

    Considering getting my MSN looking at APN and NP programs but only if I can stay in hospice. Is it worth it in hospice are jobs hard to get. I live in Nevada.
  7. Mercy65

    New to Hospice Nursing

    Just have a clinical note ready on each patient, just brief notes that give pt status and needs. Your manager should help you out with the first couple of IDG's meetings.
  8. Mercy65

    How many patients should a case manager be responsible for.

    I haven't had less than 18 pt's for 6 months, the most I have had is 23!! We can't seem to get fully staffed which is the main issue. I work for a good company with great benefits but it is hard to find hospice nurses with experience in las vegas. I work a lot of over time which is paying for my pool which I need to relax with this case load!
  9. Mercy65

    Med-surg RN wanting to switch to hospice

    I recently switched from med/surg to home hospice, it is very different. I am a case manager so depending on what your position is such will determine your responsibilities. I do bedside but manage the care for all my patients, aides, supplies, plan of care etc. Other RN just do home visits they are over flow, nights weekends etc. It is different for me because I have to show decline to make sure they qualify for hospice where as the hospital I had to show improvement. The charting is the worst part of the job, I spend a lot of time at home charting. I like the flexibility and being on my own and one on one with my patients. The families are usually harder to deal with than the patients. It is difficult to keep nurses in hospice, many don't like being in peoples home, but I really enjoy it. My company has had a high turnover with staff, the pay is really good(I am in Las Vegas), I moved here from NJ. Having med/surg experience is an asset in hospice, many nurses turn to me because of my experience with central lines, chest tubes etc. Good luck
  10. Mercy65

    APN in Hospice?

    Considering getting my APN, I love hospice and would like to stay with it, are there opportunities for APN's in hospice?
  11. Mercy65

    APN is it worth it?

    I am new to Nevada, working as a hospice RN and I am enjoying it. I am certified in oncology, med/surg and hospice. Just finished BSN thinking about MSN, not sure if Nevada is supportive of APN's what opportunities are there and is it to my advantage. Any opinions?
  12. There is a lot more going on than just choosing which path to take. First you shouldn't be jerked back and fourth from day to night, 2nd a 4:1 ratio is almost unheard off unless you live in California. I have worked both shifts and am currently working nights because I took a clinical supervisor position and didn't have a choice. I am almost finished with my BSN and plan on going into more administrative roles and wil continue on for my MSN. Don't let the stress of one unit determine if this is right for you, try tranferring to another unit or outpatient work, such as infusion therapy etc. Bedside is rewarding but it has the highest stress level and it will get worse with the new medicare laws coming down the road. Try something different you may be surprised what you will find.
  13. Mercy65

    United health group

    Does anyone know what inpatient hospice facility is owned by United health group? Not sure if it is part of one of the hospitals or a nursing home type facility.
  14. Orientation is overwhelming. Stay on days, you will learn a lot more, due a good year or 2. Nights you need to be more independent and those skills you learn on days will caring over and really help you with nights. I have had many new grads go to nights and it takes them much longer to feel comfortable and learn more skills.
  15. Mercy65

    RN jobs Las Vegas

    What hospitals are Union? I have been applying to all the hospitals, I am in the process of relocating from New Jersey. I am just finishing up with selling my house. I haven't had much luck yet, but I don't know if that is because my resume shows the NJ address. I already have my NV license and can fly out for interviews, I am a little nervous about leaving a good paying job but my husband has been out of work for a year and has an offer in Las Vegas.
  16. Mercy65

    Applying from out of state

    Good luck with the interviews!!!!! I will be in Las Vegas the end of March to look at houses hoping to get an interview while I am out that way.