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  1. Suzanney

    waiting for final grade

    I wonder how I'll go with Nursing next year with no anatomy/physiology knowledge. The Nursing School only require a pass in English >.> Oh well, I'll see what I can do during this break. Merry Xmas! :wink2:
  2. Suzanney

    waiting for final grade

    Well done! I hope you keep up the good work!
  3. Suzanney

    New Student Stress

    Thanks! You too! I start in February...hopefully :wink2: :redpinkhe
  4. Suzanney

    waiting for final grade

    Well done critical_thinker!!!!! :balloons: Lucky you...I'm anxiously waiting for my offer into Nursing School....T_T But it's okay, time will fly!
  5. Suzanney

    What are the pre-reqs for your Nursing Program

    A pass in English for Queensland University of Technology. That is all :)
  6. Suzanney

    Anatomy & Physiology Fall 2008

    ....Anatomy and Physiology aren't pre-requisites to the university I will be going to and it's like, considered the best nursing school in the state...only a pass in English is needed oh my goodness. I can see the future. I hope I won't fail :grn: Good luck to everyone else!
  7. Suzanney

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi! I'm Suzanney! And I'm 17.. I feel like I don't belong here cos of my age but...I am very interested in nursing in a lot of areas just so you know. From the practical things nurses do to the study side of it. I think the very first reason why I want to nurse is because I want to take good care of my grandparents in the future years.Tthey are like my parents to me and I want to do something in return. (I'm blabbing on, I know..haha). But yes anyway, do you think that's a good reason? I also know very well that I am keen to assist others to better health. I've read many stories posted by nurses on here...and it's so heartwarming...the more I read, the more I want to become a nurse! Thanks for the inspiration, guys! Greatly appreciated. Also..also. There is one quote I cannot get off my mind. I cannot recall where I read this but it goes along the lines of: 'Nursing isn't a job. It's a commitment.' Mm...it's thought provoking. : D
  8. Suzanney

    Where Am I? Where Are My Boys?

    What a masterpiece I wish I could write like that :)
  9. Suzanney

    Pre-Nursing Students & Volunteer Work

    HOWDY! :heartbeat I'm attending an information session next week for volunteer work at the hospital, and I'm excited! It's gonna be nerve-racking cos I'm not used to one-on-one interviewing...(if I get it, that is ^.^) Even though I am only eligible for flower delivering, making cups of tea and photocopying as of now (I'm not allowed to work with children yet cos of underage....darn blue card), the experience of 'being there' at the hospital is enough for me...maybe I'll learn some things...who knows, maybe I'll learn some secret techniques from master there....hehe, I'm so excited. I can't wait to become a nurse!!! AHHHHH! I'm even counting down the days till uni...haha. I know I will get in, I believe in myself. Sorry for this random post....
  10. Suzanney

    Patient Care Assistant Pay Rates in Australia?

    Howdy! I'm new here....and I'd like to contribute my help! I stumbled upon this last night on Bored of Studies :typing I'm still a high school student who is VERY INTERESTED in :nurse:ing. (I'm even counting down the days till Uni haha) But anyway, I found this link helpful! It shows a table of payrates for the different types of nurses in Australia: http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/nursing/pdf/award_july07.pdf Take care :redbeathe
  11. Suzanney

    Too nice to be a nurse?