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  1. Hello Colleagues: My issues is this: After working in a community clinic as a Nurse Lead for 1.5 yrs I have decided to return to the hospital setting on a per-diem basis and go back to school in the fall for my NP. However, most recruiters are telling me that they have "reservations" about me being away from the bedside for "so long". I have redone my resume numerous times to make me more interesting when they read it. So far I have gone on 2-3 interviews with no call backs. My background is 3+ yrs in telemetry/acute care/DOU both as staff and traveler RN. Is this really that big a deal? are there so many breakthroughs that I would be able to handle it? What is the difference between me and a new grad, then? I thought about it, put myself in the recruiters shoes, and understood their concerns; until this weekend when I did 2 shifts at a busy 12 bed urgent care. I nailed it; the charge had nothing but praise for me. Said she left a note for her unit manager to request me next time they had a need. Does anyone have any advise on how to approach or respond to a recruiter when they mention this concern? So far I have told them that as a traveler I am used to jumping into any situation and succeeding, also as a per-diem RN one must be able to be very independent and knowledgeable. Also, a recent critical care course wont hurt, right? even if a have to pay for it myself! Thanks ALL!!
  2. I have been a nurse for 4 years now. started out in cardiac stepdown, did some oncology but cont with cardiac care. for the last year i have been a travel nurse with some bad experiences. recently i have decided to stay in sunny san diego (getting married) and applied for a job through a contractor at a military facility. it took about 2 months for the paperwork to come through and i started working last week. i chose this job becuase its mon-fri 8-4, great benefits, perks, 10 min commute. I am very dissapointed. when I toured the facility 3 mo ago, it seemed very busy and I was told by the head nurse ( who is now deployed) that is was a very busy clinic and they desperatly needed 2 RNs. there are about 50-60 military personnel here who are medics and do several duties. so far i have noticed that the RN duties are to handle the phone consults (40 a day on average) and the walkins (since i started 4-5 a day average) for rx refills and pregnancy tests. I am battling the idea that this job might be for me. one moment i think i am jumping the gun, its too early to know. the next moment i cant stand the fact that i am just going to be stting around waiting for patients to show up for me to do something. i have a feeling that there reallyisnt a need for 2 nurses, just one strong one and they already have one. I am aware that the trasition from inpatient to outpatient can be difficult, but i am just not the type of person to sit around. i did an ssignment at one clinic where i had to answer about 100 calls a day and also see patients that needed procedures. basically what i am trying to say is that i need a challenge i want a permanent job with collegues, some kind of routine. some might feel ok taking it easy, not doing much. i cant materialze patients for me to see, if this is the flow i cant change it, and there is only so much work i can request to do and they can give me. thank you in advance for your suggestions.