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NC resident who is eager to start nursing classes!

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  1. topaz1100

    Starting a volunteer parish health ministry

    I was asked to be the leader for our health ministry. It’s been in place for many years but no new programs or activities over the past few years. To my knowledge the previous parish nurse made many connections in the community & partnered with businesses & non-profits to offer services to our member. initially we put out a call to all members to get involved/volunteer & there were a handful that showed up. We set day/time each month to meet & discuss planning, budget & any other issues. since I’ve joined the Health ministry we’ve asked members to complete a survey asking what topics they’re interested in, how they like to receive Health info & a ton of other question that we thought would help guide us in planning. We had a relatively small number of people to complete the surveys. my city has a health assessment that pretty details what health issues are common & what populations those issues effect. I used this a guide for offering Programming since surveys didn’t work well. I’ve reached out to other people that have been involved with the ministry to ask what they’ve done in the past....why reinvent the wheel? There has been a ton of things we accomplished over the past couple years. I don’t have a lot of experience with this but I’m happy to answer questions.
  2. Raleigh-Durham area 5 years experience in Oncology doing inpatient and ambulatory. $35/hr.
  3. topaz1100

    Struggling with pharm

    I am struggling with pharmacology as well. I start clinicals next semester. I have a meeting with my academic advisor next week to discuss my progress in the course. Have you started the new pharm course yet? If so, how are you doing?
  4. topaz1100

    Gardner Webb FNP

    Has anyone graduated, enrolled or planning to apply to Gardner Webb FNP? I toured today and applied for the Spring 2019 post graduate FNP. I'd just like to hear reviews/experiences if there are any. Thanks,
  5. topaz1100

    Capstone on patients fall topic

    Hi, were you enrolled in Western Governors University? I attend WGU and I am coming up on the course where I will start my Capstone project. Did you have to find a mentor to guide your research/project?
  6. topaz1100

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    I finished my BSN August 24th; now onto the MSN in Education. Hopefully I can finish soon and not get lazy!
  7. topaz1100

    WGU MSN new curriculum questions

    Hi, I am into my 2nd term. I graduated with my ADN last May and started my 1st term last September. I am not sure if the curriculum changed since I began but so far for me it's been good. You will be assigned a mentor who will be with you from start to finish. My mentor call me each week for bout the 1st 2 months to make sure I was on track and to ask if was running into any problems with anything. The phone calls were never more than 10 minutes long. After she figured out I was good at setting goals and achieving them she would start to set our phone conferences more sparsely like 2-3 weeks at the most. For each class you will have a course mentor. So every class you will have a person or 2 that you can speak with specifically about the material. I have had to contact a couple during my 2 semester and I have had good experiences with them responding via email as well as setting aside time to speak with me via phone if needed. Regarding the proctored exams, you will have some. All of the exams I have taken have been straight forward. There is a pre-test that you take at the beginning of the class (most classes) and after taking it you receive a coaching report that details area you did well on and the areas you did poorly on. From that you will know which areas to study so that you can pass the final exam which you self schedule. WGU sent me a camera that hook up to my computer. At the scheduled test/exam time I log into WGU and click on the button to take the test. The proctor is on the opposite end kinda like Skype and they will ask to have access to your computer remotely for the purpose of making sure you don't have other programs running. They ask you to scan the room and your desk with your camera and also show a photo ID so they can verify your data. Once all is verified you are allowed to take your test. You can't get up to pee or anything while taking the test. I have not had any issues at all taking the proctored tests. I have 2 of my friends from school who will be starting this summer as well! I hope this helps! Good Luck with everything!
  8. topaz1100

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    Hey everyone...how are classes going? I just finished my Advanced Technology class which I had to submit a paper to task stream. It took 2 days for it to be graded and PASSED. I have one more class in this term then I can start on my 2nd terms classes....Moving right along.
  9. topaz1100

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    I passed my care of the older adult and my nutrition assessment! 2 out of 4 classes-DONE!
  10. topaz1100

    May 2014 Pinning Ceremony: Ideas

    My class pinning is in May. I am on the committee (it's 8 of us). We have been fundraising since January 2013. It's been a struggle to get people involved & to participate in a lot of our events. However, we currently have all but $675 of our money for pinning. Considering how hard it has been to put this whole thing together from scratch, I wonder what other student's views and experiences have been. Getting people to pay dues is almost like pulling teeth. People constantly complain and then do not show up to fundraisers. I joined because I wanted to be involved & I enjoy it. I have enjoyed it & yes I would do it again. For me it's been a great learning experience and I've been able to meet a lot of the other students I never have classes with. What are your experiences regarding pinning? I would also like to know what are the plans for your pinning such as: 1. Are you serving food or not 2. Professional or amateur photographer 3. Does an RN have to pin you or can any one do it? 4. Do your meetings run smoothly? 5. How have you decided which fundraisers to do? 6. Which fundraisers have been succesful? 7. What is the process you use for choosing a speaker? 8. How much do you spend on speaker and teacher gifts? 9. How do you inform the class of what's going on/ money raised etc? 10. Are you ordering lamps? Thanks so much!! Anything else you want to add feel free! GRADUATION 2014 YAY
  11. topaz1100

    Facebook: Should I Just Give in and Join?

    I don't have FB either and sometimes hear of things late but the topics are never directly related to class and are usually updates about the pinning ceremony, fundraising, or just general (nursing un-related) stuff. I have nursing school friends whom I speak with/ call/ text about nursing related issues. I am in a 2-year program and will be graduating next May (2014) and am not inclined at this time to register for FB.
  12. topaz1100

    Who has been accepted for fall 2012???

    Durham Tech Community College Associate Degree! Yay
  13. topaz1100


    I got into Durham Technical Community College. It's an ADN program. I have completed all pre-requisites. I have a 3.5 GPA. And the school gives points for living the the same county. Congrats to everyone!