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I have been working in healthcare since I was 15 years old, starting as a medical assistant in a rural health clinic through high school and college, then a nursing assistant during nursing school. I have worked in the Boston VAMC, a level II trauma center in Indiana, the equivalent of a level I trauma center in New Zealand, and currently focus on preventative care in Williamsburg, VA as a complex case manager. I am enrolled in the Fall 2016 MSN-FNP program at George Washington University.

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  1. I'm currently in the MSN-FNP program at GWU. While I like the professors and the didactic portion of things, and while I've enjoyed the on-campus experiences and find the student body to be very supportive, I would have to say that the stress associ...
  2. George Washington University FNP Fall 2016

    Hi Everyone - I'm also going to be enrolled in the 2016 MSN FNP program at GWU. I'm very, very excited and looking forward to meeting everyone at orientation in August :-)
  3. **Posted this in the General Discussion first, then realized it might be better to post it in the Eduation/Distance Learning discussion. Admin - Please delete if not allowed.** I am looking at MSN degrees with a focus on case management. After revi...
  4. I am looking at MSN degrees with a focus on case management. After reviewing several different programs and taking into consideration things like cost per credit hour, length till completion, and options of full-time vs. part-time, I have decided to...
  5. Nurse Unions in Boston?

    Could someone give me some information on nurse unions in the Boston region? I am a new BSN grad moving from Indiana to the Boston area due to my husband's job, and I am not familiar with nurse unions at all. Do all nurses in the Boston area join a...