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  1. I love corrections. I find it's very common to see nurses treat inmates differently than pts. on the outside. If you can resist the temptation to do that, you will do much better. Also, I don't like to know what they did before I treat them, if it was something really bad it makes it harder to be objective. The golden rule applies. As a matter of fact one of our "star nurses" was actually arrested for a domestic dispute (she didnt have to stay) and it happened years ago. What a shock when I saw her "mug shot" that someone showed me.
  2. carleah

    anyone here experienced burnout?

    Do you love OR nursing? There are so many different types of nursing, maybe a fresh start after a few weeks off is the answer. Is there a nursing shortage where you live? I've found my niche after trying different things in corrections. But home health is also a good one and usually pays pretty well.
  3. carleah

    What kind of holiday bonus do you get?

    Glad to know we in corrections are not alone. I thought it was just us that only gets a dinner plate.
  4. carleah

    Central NC assignments?

    I live in Charlotte, and work in corrections. I've seen on Craigs list that Maxim needs corrections nurses and the pay is very good. Working in ED is an excellent foundation. Plus corrections is a good place to work. You have officers there to protect you. I've worked corrections for years and have never been hurt while working inside the prison or jail.
  5. carleah

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    Congratulations! You outdid me. You are the first person I've heard of to take advantage of that as much as I did. I am so grateful for that arrangement. I hope more people will read this post and give Clep a try.
  6. carleah

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    I don't believe I stood out. I don't think enough people applied for the scholarship thinking they wouldn't get it. When they told us to give it a shot I did thinking I have nothing to lose. They had 7 scholarships to give out in a class of about 35 so I figured it was worth a try.
  7. carleah

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    In 2003 I graduated at Westchester Community College. I was taking care of my dad so his pension was not counted as income. I didn't qualify for a Federal Assistance because I was working part time but since I CLEP'd some prerequisites, I only needed about 11 credits per semester. At the time (I don't know about now) the state of NY had a program APTS Aid for part time students (11 credits and under). So I received 2000$ from NYS. I didn't think I would get a scholarship but was encouraged to apply and I did receive a $2000 scholarship from the Commty College. So I didn't pay a dime. CLEP if possible saves money too if you don't mind taking an exam and preparing on your own. I just used the Barrons AP self study books to prepare and I saved going to 5 classes! Don't forget about the Hope Scholarship which is money you receive when you file your taxes: up to $2000 and look into this website that I just found out about. Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program Nursing Loan forgiveness programs vary from state to state as well as the above federal help. Best wishes, Carla
  8. carleah

    On call jail nurse position

    You will no doubt have a protocols and pathways book to follow. If you go through the steps and follow all the pathways, it shouldn't be a problem. I also find using google helps too in a pinch!
  9. carleah

    Do nurses get out on time working corrections?

    I get out on time about 90% of the time. Most of the nurses here do. If you are organized and not a procrastinator, you shouldn't have a problem.
  10. carleah

    LPN relocating to Charlotte

    Maxim is a good staffing agency, Ive had good success with them. You might also try doing travel nursing agencies that serve north carolina. That's how I started out. Even though I had to drive 50 miles each way, the pay was great.
  11. carleah

    New Grad looking to relocate to Charlotte area

    Try corrections.
  12. carleah

    Experienced RNs in Charlotte,NC

    Try corrections if you don't get in the hospitals, I live and work in Charlotte and I like my job. Pay is good too, and work not too hard.
  13. carleah

    Yahoo Story Mentions Nurse Getting Laid Off

    for those nurses looking for jobs, try corrections. You might be surprised, there is work and it's not bad, really!
  14. carleah

    Help decifer an ekg

    Thanks for your replies. I think both responses were correct. Clinically, I don't believe it was a real cardiac issue, and yes you can't always trust the ekg printout. I did get an MD finally and he made sure I did a thorough history. Didn't help that the patient had mental issues beside medical ones. Oh well good practice for sharpening my nursing judgement skills.:tku::tku:
  15. carleah

    Help decifer an ekg

    Im' working at a jail and had an inmate come down with chest pain. He has mental issues but cardiac ones too. The MD on call did not answer my call, but I did take an ekg. The automatic reading states accelerated AV junctional rhythm (no atrial activity detected) and states extensive precordial ST elevation, consider acute ischemia. Is this super serious? I know he's had a stroke several years ago. Do I need to call 911?