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  1. punjabi

    Any Queensland Nurses here?

    congrats buddy nurse! wow. a registered nurse in 2 states. so it's easier to get a job in nsw than in queensland? and aren't there any special reqt's to gain registration in nsw? did the agency process nsw registration for you? thanks in advance
  2. what's the estimated salary for RN in saudi, bahrain, qatar?
  3. this link would somehow summarize the cas pathway: just disregard agency info and fees.
  4. already got the answer i need... will post details later... visa 475/ sponsored provision is a possible visa option...
  5. if anyone needs good review materials for ielts, just pm me. i'll send it via email.
  6. you can always retake the exam til you get 7 in all components, but.... once you received the acknowledgement letter requiring you to submit the ielts result, you have at least 3 months from the date of the letter to forward the test result. if you would still need time to sit for an exam or get a passing score, you could contact qnc and ask for an extension. should you fail to do this, your application would be closed.
  7. i'm working as a callcenter agent and at the same time reviewing for cas. it took me a month to finish a book, so i decided to file a leave of absence for a month starting May to concentrate in the review. hehe.
  8. i also have that kind of tor. schools issued it for board exam purposes only. just asked for another copy in your university. no special remarks needed. same with rle. while waiting for the confirmation letter from qnc that i am allowed to take the challenge test, i've had started reviewing transition to professional practice. my golly wow. i've been studying the first chapter for a week now and yet i'm not done. i am having a hard time understanding their setting and nurse roles and relationships. so many things going on. entirely diffrent from the philippines. haayyy.. it's really hard to study while working. haayyy....:zzzzz
  9. correct. they processed my application even without the ielts yet.luckily i passed. everything seemd to fall in its place.just waiting for them to receive my ielts result so i could take the challege test.
  10. i passed the ielts. woohoo! next pitstop: challenge test land down under,wait for me..... but for now, need to start cramming...hihi..

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