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respect all nurses

respect all nurses

Currently staff nurse at a rehab/subacute facility

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  1. respect all nurses

    Weekend option position

    Hi Mel, my employer changed the holiday policy when Christmas and New Years Day started occuring during the week, I now have to work one of the above holidays in addition to my regular weekend schedule. I'm now also required to select a summer holiday (Mem. Day or 07/04) and a fall holiday (Labor Day or Thanksgiving). They don't consider that people who work a weekend program do so because of weekday obligations. I can understand the Weekday staff not wanting to work all those holidays but they aren't required to pick up a Sat or Sun when we have work additional hours during the week, so we switch a weekend day for a weekend day. I work 5 weekends on with the 6th weekend off, 2-12hour shifts , paid for 36, no on call.
  2. respect all nurses

    up coming EC exam and Scared to Death

    From Respect all Nurses. Thank You. You're right, I have to do this or I'll NEVER finish. I feel as though this test is a huge wall which I have to scale and conquer in order to move closer towards goal achievement. So I will have to bury/silence my fears and doubts and start "climbing". Wish me luck.
  3. respect all nurses

    up coming EC exam and Scared to Death

    Dear Susequatch, Thank you once again for replying to one of my post. I guess I'll go ahead and dish out the funds for the practice exams, certainly can't hurt. As far as potentially failing an exam, no it would not be the end of the world, but I would be "most unhappy" to say the least.
  4. respect all nurses

    up coming EC exam and Scared to Death

    Hi BetterMF29, Thank you for responding to my post & for info on ABGs/study group 101. Do you have suggestions on how to handle all the medications, I use the Pharm text suggested by Excelsior and I'm overwhelmed. I understand the idea of grouping meds by class but to have to know each and every med in each class is a "bit much". I'm willing to review each and every med over time but not right now with all the other material to cover.
  5. respect all nurses


    Congrats on passing NC4, Currently preparing for that exam. Previous took Abnormal Psych ( I love psych) it was very detailed, alot of terminology and I made many flash cards. Enjoy.
  6. respect all nurses

    up coming EC exam and Scared to Death

    Anyone out there with a few words of advice or encouragement? Currently preparing for NC4, have postponed scheduling the test twice mainly for fear of failure/lack of confidence. Its been a while since I took a test r/t health issues, lack of motivation and not really sure if I wanted to continue seeking my RN in a distance learning program. I've done well on my exams in the past scoring A's and B's. But now I feel as though no matter how much I read/study its not enough. I'm not looking for someone to "hand me the answers to the test", heck I feel darn good (for the moment) when someone quizzies me and I give the correct answer/rationales etc. I'm well aware of the fact that it is time to !!!! or get off the pot, I just don't want to stress/space out and fail the exam. HELP!!!
  7. respect all nurses

    Passed Cpne

    Congrats to you! I'm sure you feel as though the "weight of the world" has been lifted off your shoulders.
  8. respect all nurses


    Just have one suggestion which has always worked well for me. As soon as you get your assignment, before the narc count and taking report, take a moment and "eye your pts" to make sure they're alive, not in distress. For example, once prior to getting report... I went to eye a pt transferred from ccu who had been previously been on the unit and had a extensive med. hx. This pt had "coded"! A quick pre-assessment has always worked for me, doesn't take up much time and can improve pt outcomes. Sounds like you're off to a great start, establishing your routine/check list etc. Good Luck and Congrats!
  9. respect all nurses

    ? about Excelsior exam, NC4

    From Respect all nurses r/t the NC4 exam(cardio and hormone therapy). I just retrieved an email from Excelsior nursing faculty, advised to stick to the info provided in the text. Thanks again to all for your help.
  10. respect all nurses

    ? about Excelsior exam, NC4

    Thanks, I submitted the same ? to the Excelsior "message board" no answer yet and called hoping to talk to a faculty member, no such luck. Given a phone appointment for late Aug. I can fully understand your finding Nc5 easier to prepare for esp. since I love Psych. Good Luck.
  11. respect all nurses

    ? about Excelsior exam, NC4

    Anyone currently studying for NC4 or who has taken NC4? On page 9 of the content guide section 4A, interventions for CVD list hormone therapy. But according to recent studies the risk r/t Estrogen RX outweigh the positive benefits. Do I stick with "older data" listing estrogen as recommended or base my studies/ answers on the most recent findings. Thanks.
  12. respect all nurses

    I passed Nclex with 90-110 questions

    Congrats to you!! You should be very proud of yourself. Can't wait until I reach the same milestone.
  13. respect all nurses

    I cant take it!~!!!

    Get out of there before the stuff hits the fan and state shows up unannouced, then call the state. Those people are crazy and unsafe.
  14. respect all nurses

    drowning in despair

    Have you heard the expression "Nurses eat their young", it seems as though your preceptor and nursing supervisor/admin validate this totally negative belief r/t nurses. From what I've read you haven't done anything that would justify submitting your name to the BON. I agree with the other post, you need an tape recorder, union rep ? or a co-worker who is willing to support you when you enter the Loins Den. This is all about money and your employer not wanting to pay out disability should your recovery be longer than anticipated, staffing shortages r/t your recovery etc. Also they could be fearful that you may require time off r/t personal issues and or possibly a leave of absence in the future. Regardless of their concerns/rationales they're being unprofessional and dishonest. I read numerous verses in the BooK of Psalms on a regular basis, Psalms 7,12,17,31,57 and my absolute favorite Psalms 91 all relate to your situation. Hope this helps, keep us posted.
  15. respect all nurses

    It's official -- RN!!!

    Congrats to YOU! You are a source of encouragement and inspiration to all who want to follow in your foot steps.