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  1. Gilbertgrl

    Required/Optional Texts

    Yes..I am starting this summer. See ya in the fall. -Amy
  2. Gilbertgrl

    Required/Optional Texts

    Wendy - If you are starting at the same time as me our orientation is Monday the 18th of May. You should call the campus immediately if you do not have your info yet. Good luck.
  3. Gilbertgrl

    Required/Optional Texts

    When I received my welcome packet there were 4 optional books listed for block 1. Things like "Calculating Drug Dosages", "Fluid & Electrolytes Made Incredible Easy", "Calculate with Confidence" and even a Dorland's med Dictionary. I have a Dorland's, but are these others something I should seriously consider? Anyone found them necessary or extremely helpful? Also...I went to the CGCC's bookstore website to see about the texts which sent me to a secondary website for medical books. The total was over $600 before shipping and there were no options for used texts. Anyone have advice about other websites they've used? I've "heard" about great deals online, but I don't know of any. Thanks.
  4. Gilbertgrl

    Nursing school uniform & supplies? Help

    I'm curious...do we need to have enough scrubs to wear daily or just enough for clinical days? My welcome packet mentioned where to buy, but not how much we'll need. This may be covered during orientation, but I thought you might be able to tell me earlier. :spin: Thanks.
  5. Gilbertgrl

    How many semesters did YOU wait???

    I waited four semesters (or two years - however you want to look at it). My timestamp was June of 07 and I will start school this May (09). I had 3 choices on my list - I did receive my first choice of CGCC.
  6. Gilbertgrl

    Welcome packets for mccdnp?

    It is my understanding that welcome packets are not sent out until approx 2 months prior to starting school. I start at CGCC in May and did not receive my packet until March.
  7. These two classes are being offered at CGCC during my first block of nursing school. Has anyone taken them? Anyone recommend them? I can see the math for nursing students being helpful (especially for those of us who have been waiting 2 years to start), but I'm not sure about taking a class that teaches me how to study. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Gilbertgrl

    CGCC May 09 Welcome Packets

    Please don't think any of this is set in stone - I'm sure schedules vary from semester to semester and block to block. I have class from 0730 - 1600 Monday & Tuesdays - then 0800-1100 and then 1200-1500 on Wednesday and Thursdays. The initial Monday and Tuesday class only lasts through 7/7 then on 7/13 thru 8/18 I'll have clinicals from 0630 until 1530. Hope this helps.
  9. Gilbertgrl

    CGCC May 09 Welcome Packets

    I received my Block 1 schedule in today's mail. It stated that it was left out of my welcome packet which was sent to me previously. I haven't received my welcome packet. Has anyone else?
  10. Gilbertgrl

    Laptops required?

    Does anyone know if MCCDNP requires and/or allows laptops in the classrooms? I'm starting at CGCC this May so if anyone has specific information about that program even better. Thanks.
  11. Gilbertgrl

    CGCC Accelerated Program

    CGCC stands for Chandler-Gilbert Community College. The accelerated program begins in May 2009 and finishes August 2010.
  12. Gilbertgrl

    Admission Packets?

    has anyone received their admission packet for spring 09? i haven't received mine yet, but i didn't want to inquire about the packets if no one else has received their's yet.
  13. Gilbertgrl

    Congrats to my fellow Spring 09 MCCDNP students!

    Thanks. Can you elaborate about what the "problem" is with CGCC's program? No names - just generalities will be fine. Is it just rumors?
  14. Gilbertgrl

    Congrats to my fellow Spring 09 MCCDNP students!

    My believe my datestamp was June 6th-ish 2007. Once you are "placed" your date/time stamp is removed from your login page. Still no one out there who is going to this new CGCC program in May?
  15. Gilbertgrl

    Congrats to my fellow Spring 09 MCCDNP students!

    I was accepted into the accelerated CGCC program starting in May. I started a thread to see if any others are out there, but I guess no one has seen it. I am thrilled because the CGCC program is closest to my home, but I hate all of the rumors going around regarding the program's problems. Again...any one out there get accepted into this new program?