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  1. Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    If you really want to be a nurse, then go with it. If bumps and bruises come your way as you go through this profession, settle it with love, dignity and respect for yourself and your peers. If it doesn't work, light a candle for world peace.
  2. I will hope and pray that you will be okey.
  3. We don't need to say anything more. It won't matter anyway. Just change for the better, wherever it will bring you.
  4. The Most Amazing Patient

    I felt a lump on my throat and a shimmer of tear in my eyes upon reading your story. Thank you for inspiring those who still doubt their profession. There are so many Mrs. Smiths and the likes of you in this world who will continue to amaze us with t...
  5. I'm a graduating nursing student...and I know NOTHING!!!!

    I'll bet ,everyone of us when we just started felt the same way. It's not so shameful to be scared. You'll get over it. Just be strong and face the challenge head on. God bless.
  6. Is nursing really that bad??

    First, you must ask yourself why would you want to be a nurse in the first place?
  7. Darn that nurse manager! She's too slow in doing her job. I just hope there are only few of them.
  8. Night Nurse III: Slip-Slidin' Awaaaaaaay

    Is there no treatment for clumsiness?:chuckle! Just kidding. Please have pity on yourself and concentrate. You are not alone:loveya:
  9. New Supervisory. Why?

    Lindsey Mcgraw, you are one in a million. You deserve your post.:redpinkhe:angel:
  10. What's That Smell? The Missing Diaper

    I'm really wondering about the size of that diaper to get unnoticed. Right, maybe so cute and Rachel is an excellent portable weighing scale! Can we barrow her sometime?
  11. Today We Lay to Rest

    When my father died years ago, I never had a chance to be on his side. If only I had said goodbye or whatever, it could have made me feel better. You were sensitive. We don't know for sure if you hadn't stopped, he could have been saved. We'll never ...
  12. Oscar the Octopus

    wow, what an experience! That's not unusual, it happens all the time:chuckle. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Do you shower when you get off work???

    Maybe it's a must for us to cleanse our body of all the germs we have gotten in contact while doing our jobs especially in hospitals. We must spare our family members, right?
  14. Mid-Shift Shower

    Reading your story is just like watching a comedy movie. Just havin'great fun when you're doing your work with tender loving care. Though it must have been very embarrassing for you but looking back , hmmm, it was fun. Yah, I think it was. Ha, ha ha!...
  15. The Male Dr Nurse

    That was a very uncomfortable moment:chuckle, but I asssure you, most of us have experienced that in one way or another. Just move on and learn from it. Good luck and be a good nurse! Thanks for sharing. God Bless.