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  1. belle3672

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    I PASSED the RN NCLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unoffical results for 7.95 from Pearson, best spent 7.95 ever!! Thank you all so much!!
  2. belle3672

    NCLEX-RN on 07/14...results

    Way to go!!! Congrats!!:yeah: Took mine Monday too, should know in 12 hours!!
  3. belle3672

    Got in...Now what? Really Long

    I would wait till the other college opens up. If your Bridge is costing that much I would think twice. There are now so many private "colleges" that you can basically buy a degree from. In my area of Florida there are three private colleges that no one will hire graduates from. They pay $13,000 to $18,000 for the bridge program! Yes no wait, but the cost! I went to a local community college for $4000 plus books, used $500. Just give is some thought. Good luck! Continuing your education will pay off greatly!
  4. belle3672

    Well, that was.... weird

    I received the "screen" Monday after 75Q. I should have results early tomorrow! I am tempted to stay up all night and just keep checking! But since I have to work tomorrow not really the best idea! Good luck to all and remain positive!
  5. belle3672

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    Ahhhhhh!! The wait! I keep check and no results. I am trying to ease my mind wih some brainless TV watching. Good luck everyone!:nuke:
  6. belle3672

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I work in Florida home health. RN new grad $22-26 home health. Hospitals are few $s less to start.
  7. belle3672

    ERI PreRN Review

    I attended the 4 day review, my school paid for it. It was a waste of time. They do questions right out of the book. The book is ok. Kaplan's book is great for how to read the question, Mosby's and Saunder's CD's are great too. Good Luck!
  8. belle3672

    Death work and talking to the dead

    As a Hospice nurse I talk to the dying and the dead. We educate many family's that hearing is the last sense to go. And encourage family member to speak to their loved ones in calm soft voices. After a patient is deceased I often find myself speaking to them, more often "in my head" then verbally. I am unsure as to why I do this. As a hospice nurse I have seen some amazing and unbeliveable things happen. One of the last deaths I was present for the patient past away peacfully at home, 5 family members present and all sleeping in other rooms. I was about to leave the patient's room and inform the family member when I open the door. All 5 family member had been woken in their sleep, none could explain by what. They came into the room and held hands. The patient's daughter said "Mom we love you and we hope you know we always will." At that moment the house phone rang and 3 of the family members cell phones rang. The number was 000-000-0000 no one was there, on any of the phones. The family and myself had only one explaination. The patient was calling from heaven to tell us she had arrived. If someone told me this story before I was a hospice nurse I do not know if I would believe them. Now I know anything is possible. Thanks for letting me share.
  9. belle3672

    ERI compared to NCLEX?

    The ERI was much easier than the RN NCLEX. I felt that the Kaplan book was great for how to answer the questions. I also uses Mosby's and Saunder's the CD's only. I liked Mosby's more, it was easier to set up your own tests. I think the most important thing is to reamin calm and use the CD's since the test is on the comp. I just took the RN NCLEX today! 75 Q! 48 hours till I know! Good luck!
  10. I chose to go the LPN then bridge for my RN. First I really wanted to make sure nursing was for me, the LPN program was 1 year and then allowed me to realize nursing is for me. Second I have completed the PN program, passed those boards, worked for 2 years as an LPN, Bridge for my RN, finished and took my RN NCLEX today. All this in less time then if I had waited for my generic RN program start date, I live in Florida and the wait was 2-3 years! I do not regret doing it this way at all! I gave me a great foundation and 2 years to really discover that I do loving nursing! Good Luck!
  11. belle3672

    Got in...Now what? Really Long

    DO NOT GIVE UP! When I applied for my school loans I did not need a cosigner, check with fin. aid to see if there is a loan that doesn't need a cosigner. Are you borrow just for school costs or for living expenses too? Another option is to find a hosp. or nursing home that would sponsor you. I live in Florida and there are many places that will pay all your school plus a stipend if you sign a one or two year contract. You could also see if your bank could get you a loan. Last just expalin to your mom your situation, these loans should not effect her credit score as long as they are paid on time. Another thing is you and your mom could wite you a seperate agreement between you two stating you would pay. Have it notorized. This would make it a little for offical and maybe your mom would feel a little more secure. Good Luck! :wink2:
  12. belle3672

    Freaking Out!

    I live in Florida and some of my classmates had their results in 36 hours, but usually 48 hours. I just my RN NCLEX and had 75Q! Very anxious!! Try to remain calm and think positivly, that is what I keep telling myself! Good luck!
  13. belle3672

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    I am so glad to read this tread! I took the RN NCLEX today, 75Q in 50 min. I am already an LPN, just finished the Bridge Program. I had 5-8 Select all that apply, 0 math, 10 or so peds, 10 or so OB, lots of meds, and a 2 questions I had repeated just worded differently! I had lots of priortiy. Good luck to all!!! We have come this far now all we have to do is wait!!!