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  1. Blueskydeepwater

    Dialysis Cruise

    No pay.. but free cruise! You spend approx 8 hours 4 out of 7 days working the rest of the time you can do as you please. Fly yourself there and home. All expenses ashore are yours. All in all a great time is to be had!
  2. Blueskydeepwater

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

    Moved from Kansas City. Unfamilar with St Louis. If interested in KC then go to Kansas University Med Center. Best dialysis unit I worked at. Left Missouri because it is too cold!! Good luck!
  3. Blueskydeepwater

    DaVita, why are they always hiring?

    Easy question to answer... if you don't drink the kool-aid you don't get your rose colored glasses. I worked for Gambro for 12 years then a few Years ago Davita purchased/merged with us. They came in with all this one for all bull..the only one for all I have seen is Davita looking out for Davita Forget the staff as well as the patients. The insurance is poor and over priced, they try and low ball salaries with all new staff... staffing stinks and it does not matter who the FA is... it is all based on the SWC report. I am not impressed at all with DAVITA! The smaller outpatient units are easy of course... that is a no brainer. I did work at a 12 station out pt Davita unit, we had 22 patients and were only open MWF... how hard can that be!? Hard to screw that up!!:bowingpur
  4. Blueskydeepwater

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

    Trust me.. I am feeling a bit screwed! Thanks for reply.
  5. Blueskydeepwater

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

    i recently moved to fl from mo. i accepted a job as an acute dialysis nurse at davita. i have been an acute dialysis nurse >15 years but i have only worked in mo so i'm not sure what the common practices are in regards to pay and acute dialysis. so my question is this... is it common practice to pay call back pay to acute dialysis nurses when they get paged to come to work after hours?? i get $30 to be on call and straight time if i get called into unless it is >40 hours then it is ot pay. i'm referring to being on call and actually getting a page that requires you to go in to work. also.. here is a situation that i would also like to have a few comments from acute nurses across the us. july 4th i was paged to work at 1900.. i was into ot the day before so i ended up with just my overtime pay and no other compensation for spending my entire july 4th at work and away from my family. according to davita's policy if you are in ot on a holiday the holiday is then over rode and knocks out the holiday pay. now is this practice just in fl or is this common practice or was i just spoiled in mo??? in mo.. the company i worked for was not davita but we received time & half for call back pay no matter how many total hours you had. if you were already in ot and get called in you get double time. on holidays you received the call back diff as well as an extra 8 hours of pay. i am trying to figure out what the advantage of working in acutes in fl is?? is this a davita thing or do other acute dialysis companies function like this. the way i see it is acutes in fl is nothing more than a job that requires mandatory ot!!