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  1. The "TOTAL" work hours are as long as it takes to complete visits, open cases,recert cases,discharge cases ( assessments) and make routine visits or prn visits. Then...complete Oasis, med sheets, careplan, orders,Braden scales,pain assessment forms f...
  2. Ask if clinicians are allowed contact with physicians if orders are needed. Do physicians see patients if change of status occurs? Commuting/road warrior is the norm for home health. Expect alot of travel time and reams of paperwork unless company ha...
  3. Sept/Virgo: HH is a 24/7 commitment without the compensation to reflect the amount of time consumed from your life. The companies know the time required and the managers,adminstration are appropriately compensated for putting the whip at the field st...
  4. :nurse::nurse::nurse: We are advocates for our patients. We will use our critical thinking skills at solve issues with intelligent, experience based knowledge that we have diligently worked to aquire in our professional settings. Why then do we as N...
  5. RyanSofie

    First Nursing job, and I drowned!

    Who has even heard of a weekly meeting running THREE HOURS late? If my med pass/shift started at 2:30 I would have gotten up, excused myself, and got out on the floor. That place sounds insane. If the meeting ran that late...did the previous shif...
  6. The company I work with rotates call between clinicians. One week on usually a month which includes a weekend ( Friday to Friday). We have no "shifts". If you work in the field you work until you finish your required "quota" of 5-6 visits. You set th...
  7. if it were a perfect world a hh nurse could work an eight hour shift and see one patient every hour. unfortunatley that is never the situation..a start of care oasis..requires an hour just in paperwork ( at the home) in addition to the reams of addit...
  8. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Repetition....over and over and over and over again. Writing a patients' name 50+ times on one open ( count em)...and the pts birthdate....cert dates blah blah blah...Ansewering the same question with different wording over and over....
  9. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    would love to hear about your system too....
  10. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    I have (since posting my comments ) went to a per diem position because I simply was unable to keep up that pace. I have some very talented administrative RNs working with me whom I have so much respect for as professionals, so I chose to remain with...
  11. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Well best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy HH. I love it and often did not get down time but that has changed as I returned to per diem status. Trying to see 30 patients a week, do ROCs ,SOCs,case management and drive lab specimens to labs where I...
  12. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    "The paperwork I can usually complete on my down time or at lunch. Today I am behind so I am up early to get a head start. One thing I don't like is I can't leave my job, I continuously feel responsible for my patients." What lunch? Down time?
  13. RyanSofie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    HH the paperwork is all too time consuming and too much duplication of information. Being assigned one patient 45 miles east and another 60 miles north is plain insanity...especially when you must MAKE a daily productivity quota of 5-7 patients. It i...
  14. If I thought it not worth my time or attention...I would not comment on it...
  15. RyanSofie

    Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

    I have a patient whom I believe is a victim of Munhausen by proxy. The patient is not a child but an elder. The patient is ventilator dependent at home, is on tube feedings and is cared for by a daughter. The daughter has cared for this patient for m...
  16. RyanSofie

    A Danger for Workers in the Helping Professions

    Remind me not to come to you if I become ill. Being a physician or a nurse with a cold and logical approach does not address the "whole patient". We are not only biological organisms. A clinician, fire fighter or police officer must also recognize an...