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  1. elizaloo

    Who was the last patient to just break your heart?

    I work as a PCT in a general ICU. The one that stands out in my mind happened several years ago and gives me chills to this day when I think about it. We had a younger dad (late 40s I believe) and I don't remember what brought him into the ICU but he deteriorated rapidly and family was at his bedside for several days. He had two teenage daughters and they were having a very hard time dealing with his impending death. He was a full code for those last couple of days and I know he was coded 2 or 3 times during my shifts. Family decided to make him DNR and there were probably 20 people at his bedside when he went down the last time. I remember standing in the middle of our pod listening to the daughters scream "No daddy no daddy don't die we need you" for the entire length of time it took for him to pass. NO ONE had dry eyes and most of us were openly crying listening to their pain. That one will stay with me forever.
  2. elizaloo

    Wondering about jobs for CNA/PCt

    Hi - congrats on the new job. After graduating with a CNA several years ago I was offered a job in a hospital in Illinois (Chicago area) making $13 an hour. I had many years of experience in Customer Service though before I got my CNA in preparation for nursing so I believe that counted for a bit more money per hour. I should think that after a year of working in the nursing home you should be able to use that as experience when you apply at a hospital. Good luck.
  3. elizaloo


    I have been a CNA for about two years. I work in a hospital ICU as a Patient Care Tech and I LOVE IT! I work nights and we are a team beyond measure. The nurses regard me properly as an ASSISTANT to their workload and we work fluidly together to take care of OUR patients. I know my job parameters but as a student they are always happy to show me how they do their job so I am constantly learning. I am paid well enough - but the OT is where the money comes in. I am not afraid of OT and there is plenty there. Sitters galore at our hospital. Always other floors with techs calling in sick. It can be back-breaking work and it is not as easy as grilling a hamburger at McDonalds (which I did in HS) but it is incredibly rewarding to see an ARDS patient who has been there for 2+ months walk out under his own steam - and know that your care contributed to his recovery. I highly recommend the job if you want a further career in nursing - it is invaluable.
  4. elizaloo

    CNA information

    I am currently working as a CNA in a hospital while I complete my pre-req's for school and I LOVE it. I recently transferred from Tele to ICU and the work, while it can be hard (turning heavy patients who push against you as you turn them) it is also fascinating. All sorts of patients come thru ICU; OD, acute MI, open heart, CVA, MVA...I could go on for days. It is a constant learning experience; I am in the room while the RN does the initial assessment, I ask questions about the multiple drips the patient is on, questions about the vents, questions about tests - in fact the nurses I work with welcome any and all questions from me. And I have a lot! I am learning so much just from having my hands on up to 9 different patients every night. Yes there is time spent changing poopy bottoms and seeing horrific stuff suctioned from a pts mouth...but it's such a GREAT learning experience that I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's incredibly gratifying to see a patient come successfully off of a vent and sit up in bed and TALk to you. And yes, patients die. And everyone is sad to see them go but it's incredibly moving to be in the room when someone passes and we are all there touching the patient and making that time as peaceful as possible. And as another poster pointed out - someday in the future it might well be ME in that bed and I would want someone willing to wipe the nasty stuff from my bottom with compassion and understanding. And to hold my hand when I am expressing my concern about a scheduled procedure. And for the record, ALL the ICU nurses I work with are right there with me wiping. Starting as a CNA is a very valuable experience that I will take with me all the way thru nursing school and into my future. I can't compare my situation with a NH but as a hospital CNA I can tell you my job is rewarding financially as well. Good Luck!