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  1. cully24

    charting the level of the spinal

    How do you chart dermatones properly. At one facility I am employed at, it is acceptable to chart where the sensory level is (iliac crest, umbilicus etc). At another facility, it is charted according to the dermatone level (T4,T10) etc. Is one more acceptable than the other?
  2. cully24

    Airways in PACU

    At our facility, if a patient comes in with an airway. it is the expectation of the PACU nurse to remove it after the criteria for extubation has been met. If perhaps it was a difficult intubation (fiberoptic), or there was trauma to the head and neck or pediatric patient, the anesthesiologist may request to be at the bedside for extubation.
  3. Does anyone have a "rapid response team" or a specialized team that responds to the PACU when the pt meets certain criteria or is deteriorating?