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  1. Gooseberry

    blood flow rate

    The pump sucking the blood out creates negative pressure on the arterial side or the systemic circulation which reduces periferal resistance. At the same time it overloads the venous side - end diastolic volume grows, making the heart work harder. That's my reasoning.
  2. Gooseberry

    Which generally pays more Chronic or acutes

    no really, ON THE AVERAGE i make S39-40/hr.
  3. Gooseberry

    blood flow rate

    In Southern CA acutes we use the following QB provided the access functions properly. VasCath 300 PermaCath 350 Graft 350-400 Fistula 400-450
  4. Gooseberry

    Which generally pays more Chronic or acutes

    In Southern CA acutes get paid much better and the job is much easier.
  5. Gooseberry

    PICC or Central Line?

    first time i hear PICCs are used for HD. Wow! how can they do it? VasCath can barely provide an adequate blood flow. I can't imagine that. Of central catheters we use only VasCath and PermaCath. BTW are you russian?
  6. Gooseberry

    Davita is doing what?!?

    don't see any hint of insanity and rudeness. might seem unprofessional. but wouldn't mind being called with a better offer. by the way, i was promised a bonus of 5K. never got it. Remember "Employer of choice".
  7. Gooseberry

    what is the relation among iron ca &Ipth & phospate

    what did you want to know about Fe?
  8. Gooseberry

    what is the relation among iron ca &Ipth & phospate

    PTH reacts to Ca2+ concentration. IF Ca goes down PTglands secret pth which: 1) Activates VitD3-1-a-aldolase in the kidneys, which in turn activates VitD making it 1,25-dihydroxy-VitD3 (or calcitriol). This active Vit D3 induces Ca absorbtion from the intestines. 2) Inhibits the reabsorbtion of phosphorus in the distal convoluted tubule of the nephron 3) Activates osteoclasts (macrophages in the bone) and they resorb the bone and release Ca. If Ca2+ is high, then ther is less PTH (1,2,3 slow down), but more CALCITONIN from the C-cells of the THYROID gland. That one forces Ca into bones. In your situation you have to know WHY PTH is high. Ca is low, P is high, or it's hyperparathyroidism?
  9. Gooseberry

    Davita Acute job

    I work for acutes too in CA. It's my 4-th year after a job in PACU. We get paid x1.5 after 8 hrs and x2 after 12 hrs. and i hit double time as a rule. absolutely right, slower pace, more focused care, backup for the floor nurse, cna at hand, md on the phone, more autonomy, any delay is paid for, going around different hospitals is like visiting various kingdoms/palaces very exciting. DaVita Acutes differ from place to place. No all bosses are good, but they are not behind your shoulder most of the time.
  10. Gooseberry

    Need direction and encouragement

    Chronic HD units are hell, no doubt. That's why I work in acute HD. I think you have it in your region. The job is uncomaratively easier and the pay is much higher. Consider it.