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  1. MissB08

    Fort Riley/Junction City

    Do you like it over there at Geary? Why did it take so long? Maybe if I can tell what am doing wrong. I tried to private message you but it would not let me. Is it that the hospitals are small? Do you work with other army wife nurses?
  2. MissB08

    Fort Riley/Junction City

    Hey, I recently moved to Riley too. My husband is military too. I am still looking for a job. Any input from you is greatly appreciated. And If you dont mind how bad is the pay??
  3. MissB08

    Age you will/were graduated?

    Dec 2010 and i will be 23!!! I am in an A.D.N. program.
  4. MissB08

    El Centro-ECC 1st semester schedule

    Well i can say its very erratic!!! Everything changes quite often and sometimes we had school on days that previously were not on the schedule. Last semester i had skills lab Monday morning for about six weeks and then it changed to Friday after lecture. I had clinical on Thursday 6.30-6.00 pm. We had a wound care seminar sometime during the week and there was an exam that was on a different day than it had been scheduled. The thing is you will be in school maybe three days in a week but its different for everyone. If you have a two day clinical then you might be in school 4 out of 5 days. It all depends. I would advice you to wait and see what your schedule is and then decide what to do. I had so many problems last semester with my job scheduling that i had to switch to weekends. Am sure some people had better schedules but i wasn't one of them. It all depends.
  5. MissB08

    Micro @ northlake with H. Su

    Your class is probably starting by now and you probably realise that Dr Su is no joke!! i took Micro with him and it was a nightmare. He is very difficult and his system of questioning is diffrent. I am an A student and this Micro class lowered my 4.0. I did all the work, came to lab, studied all the time and still had an 88 end of semester. The class had 25 people in the beginnng and only 11 finished the class. Good luck with it , maybe you will have better luck!
  6. MissB08

    El Centro 2nd Semester Books/Reading List

    Yeah. I have been looking for the list too!! i dont know if i want to go with what is on ecampus. Let me know if you get one!!
  7. Apart from the fact that my schedule keeps changing, my first sem at EC is ok so far. I have some friends who are really having it rough because the lecture exams isn't what you would normally expect and some clinical proff are much stricter than others!! Once you learn what the instructor expects of you, then all you can do is your best!!
  8. MissB08

    Do all schools do this??:(

    Thats the way it works in most community colleges in my state. You take placement tests for only math and english but you have to pass them and test out before you can take either college algebra,eng comp, chem or bio.
  9. MissB08

    For those in NS/clincials

    Well it just depends on your school. My ADN program, seems so erratic for this first sem. i had class and skills, mon, thur and fri, sometimes 8-12 or 1-5pm. Now i will have clinicals thur 6.45-6.45pm. So i guess the plan is to have as many backups as possible for daycare.
  10. MissB08

    Dating while in NS?

    i know what you mean.i am my first sem of adn program, and am still in shock over the amount of material we cover and all other stuff like skills,clinicaqls, online tests. i met my bf just before sch started and i thot i could work it out but it wont work!! i see him only once a week because am working and i have only one free day. and i still feel like i should be studying instead!! so i think this rship is going to fizzle really fast!!
  11. MissB08

    El Centro/ North Lake-1st Semester Spring 09

    we had our fisrt lecture yesterday and we covered everything jst like it is on the schedule!! I hope i find a way tht works for me soon!!
  12. MissB08

    El Centro/ North Lake-1st Semester Spring 09

    So How is everone studying for the first exam? wht exactly do we need to focus on??
  13. MissB08

    4.0 gpa a myth?

    Its all relative and depends on the school!! If the school is very competitive and based on GPA not points like EC/NL or even TCC then 4.0 is not a myth. People have been denied acceptence to these schools because every applicant who was accepted had a 4.0!! Just depends on how many people apply and how well they do!!
  14. MissB08

    El Centro/ North Lake-1st Semester Spring 09

    Yeah we have 3 whole days of orientation next week, someone's bound to explain it then !!
  15. MissB08

    El Centro/ North Lake-1st Semester Spring 09

    well to see if you are registered just log onto econnect and click on my class schedule, from the drop down menu click on spring 09. i think that shows you are registered!!
  16. MissB08

    El Centro/ North Lake-1st Semester Spring 09

    I was one of the people who got dropped and then had a day to pay for it all!! Crazy!! But i had to do it! Am El centro though and i have Baylor speciality Dallas for clinicals. I dont even know what to read so i have been mostly checking out ecampus because theres so much on there!!