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AddieRN specializes in LTC.

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  1. AddieRN

    Considering Hospice

    I'm also an RN wanting to specialize in hospice. I've only been a nurse for a year and a half though. I'm currently working in LTC, gaining some geriatic experience before I transition.
  2. AddieRN

    How is employment in WV?

    Yes, I relate my bad luck to the economy as well. Umm...I live almost an hour from Winston-Salem. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. AddieRN

    How is employment in WV?

    I actually found a home health job this week here in NC. I'm really excited about it, kind of nervous being a newer grad. It's more of personal care, rather than nursing care. know what I'm saying? I think it's something I can handle, even though I won't actually be using my nursing skills. I don't want to lose them, but I'm happy to have a job. God has truly blessed me. Thanks yogiRN2b and barefootlady for your input.
  4. AddieRN

    How is employment in WV?

    Thanks guys. Things sound more promising up there. My husband's aunt works in surgery at Princeton Community. She said that Princeton Community would practically hire anyone as long as they had "RN" behind their name. My only problem is considering whether to commute up there are move. My husband has a good job, and I would hate for him to have to leave it, ya know? We've considered moving up there, and we're certain that we could find a house, his aunt and uncle have one that they've been trying to sale. Idk, I'm praying about it though. Thanks for the input!
  5. AddieRN

    How is employment in WV?

    Hi WV nurses. I was just wondering if any of you could tell me how hiring and employment are doing up there. I'm a NC nurse, new nurse actually May 08' grad. I started out on a tele floor and hated it, wasn't for me. I worked there almost 4 months and quit. Now I'm having a hard time find a job in NC. Seems like all the hospitals here are on hiring freezes. Idk what to do. I do have a part-time job as a nurse consultant for a group home. I really want to get more hospital experience though. I have a lot of family in the Princeton area. Thanks all.
  6. AddieRN

    Feeling like an idiot!!!!!!

    Well, the good news is....you're not the only person who feels that way. I also started out on a telemetry floor. I've been there a month and a half. I like the floor, all the nurses are great and helpful. I get along with everyone. I to feel sometimes that I don't know anything. I have that "winging it" feeling. I made pretty good grades in school, and have pretty good common sense, passed the NCLEX first time. I really feel overwhelmed while I'm at work. I'm also having a hard time with my time management skills. I to just dread going to work, but once I get there I'm fine. You've been on a tele floor for 7 1/2 months, does it get any better? What do you mean by NOCs?
  7. AddieRN

    Ever feel overwhelmed trying to remember things?

    I'm a new nurse still in orientation. It feels good to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm not to bad with medications. I do have to look 1 or 2 up here and there. Disease processes are a little tougher. I have a little med-surg book that I take to work with me, that helps explain alot of diseases, at least the common ones. It's handy, but of course I never have that much time to glance at it. My only advice is don't underestimate what you do know, I mean you made it through nursing school!
  8. AddieRN

    Forgetting things...

    Just reading this thread made me realize I forgot to do something this evening @ work. I'm also dealing with the same problem, Forgetting Things! It drives me crazy. I'm still in orientation, just trying to deal with my problems early. You're not the only one with the problem.
  9. AddieRN


    Wow! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are beachbum3. I'm a brand new nurse, who just took a job working on telemetry. You're definately not the only person intimidated and feeling overwhelmed. I'm into my second week working on the unit, and everyday does seem to get alittle better. I have a 9 week orientation! Then I'm on my own with 5 patients. My preceptor started giving me my own patient this week and I'm starting with 1 and I'm going to work my way up. The unit is fairly busy and fast-paced which also intimidates me, there is always something to be done. It's hard getting into the routine of things, but I know i'll get there. I had the same feelings as you did in NS though, as I got more comfortable I became more confident. I'm hoping my feelings will be the same in this situation. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  10. AddieRN

    Bad Smelling Patients

    When I was in school, one of my nursing instructors gave me a good tip for dealing with bad smells. Whenever you're caring for a pt. and you know that there is going to be a bad smell involved, pop a breath mint such as one of those strong Altoids in your mouth. I guess it just blocks your sense of smell. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm seriously thinking about it.
  11. AddieRN

    For those who own/wear Sanita shoes

    Thanks for the input! I've gotta buy a pair a shoes this weekend because I start work on Monday .
  12. AddieRN

    Don't feel like I know enough to pass NCLEX?

    When I was preparing for the NCLEX I finally had to come to the conclusion that I couldn't know everything. It's impossible to know everything. I had the same feelings that you have, right up until the night before the test. If you made through nursing school you can pass the NCLEX. I didn't spend much time on the things I knew, I focused on what I didn't know. I took the NCLEX July 1st, and I was stunned. It was hard, but I didn't think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be. A friend I went to NS with felt the exact same way. I had 75 on the test, and I still wasn't confident about it. Guess what though? I passed.
  13. AddieRN


    I love my Littman. I've had it since the beginning of nursing school (2 years). I love it.
  14. I recently went to a Birkenstock store and put on a pair of Sanita shoes. I thought they were very comfortable, just pricey. To those who wear/own a pair, do you recommend them? How do they feel after a 12 hour shift? Do they hold up well and last a long time? If you don't like them, do you have any other shoe suggestions? I just want some advice before I spend a lot of money on shoes. Thanks.
  15. AddieRN

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. how many questions did you take on nclex? 75 2. what study materials did you use? did you take a test review course? i took hurst live review, which had a lot of good content. it was the main study material i used for preparing for nclex, and i recommend it to anyone. i used virtual ati. vati was a headache for me. i'm alittle bit of a procrastinator and so was the instructor i had. it wasn't a good mix. i had a hard time getting her to reply to my emails and getting the codes. the ati tests were good practice though. i also used the mosby's nclex review cards, which were helpful. i used saunders q & a, which i though was to easy, but had good rationales. 3. did your son offer any testing (eri, ati, hesi)? vati 4. how long did you wait for results of the test, or are you still waiting? 48 hours. nc participates in the pearson vue quick results. it was the longest 48 hours of my entire life. 5. what were your thoughts coming out of the test (total disbelief, certainty you had failed, confident you had passed)? my first thoughts were, the nclex wasn't nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. i had a lot of mixed emotions. i wasn't certain that i failed, but neither was i exactly confident. i felt better about it right after the test, but as the next 48 hours went on i felt worse, and worse about it. i had a little over a dozen sata and quite a few med questions. 6. was this your first attempt at nclex? yes! and by the grace of god i passed it!!! i found out last thursday and i'm still in a state of shock over it . good luck to all the nclex takers. my advice is to pray hard, stay calm, and have confidence in yourself. if i can do it, anyone can. hope this helps!