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Now ready to pull my hair out waiting for acceptance letter!

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  1. sunshinelh67

    LPN to RN

    I just started looking into a transitional program from LPN to BSN at Indiana Wesleyan University. The program is offered online which takes 18 to 20 months to complete. They also offer traditional classroom studies. If you go to their website it states you can get in for Jan 2010, but I have not contacted anyone at the school to investigate more details. Here is the website address: http://nursing-degree.iwuonline.com/registered-nursing-bachelor-science/ You may want to look into their program. One huge suggestion, make sure you contact a possible employer HR dept. to check which school degree will satisfy their requirements. I understand there are quite a few online colleges out there; but if an employer is not going to recognize your degree, you just wasted a lot of time and resources. Good luck!
  2. Hey Chris, I got my schedule on thursday. Monday 8:30-11:20 Tuesday 8:30-3:50 Wednesday 9:30-11:20 Thurs 8:30-2:50 first 5 weeks then clinical 6"45am-3:30 Friday OFF It doesn't look to bad- in my opinion, but I hear life is crazy, so I am still just trying to prepare myself to find time to still brush my teeth. Some people make it sound that bad!!!!:urgycld:but I am not going to let it rain on my parade! I AM READY!!!!!! Lora
  3. Hi csab, the first thing on my list was getting my Ivy Tech ID. It must be the new style one from the Lawrence campus. So that one is easy. I did my fingerprints at the Carmel police dept. which they do for free for residents. Now I have to take them downtown to the State Police to submit my background check. This week I will be taking care of that. I am already CPR cert. Healthcare Provider, but that needs to be taken care of too. Now my shots are a different story, so I think I am just going to get them all done at the Health Dept Marion County. I have had poison ivy so I was waiting for my body to get rid of that before I subject it to all those immunizations. Everything must be done by Aug 20th that is our next all day 8-5 orientation. All of us are waiting for our schedules, they (nursing directors) select them for us. It is either M-R or T-F. You can pick clinicals, which means you let them know North, South, East, West or Central. Then they will tell you which location you will be attending clinicals. Items to purchase: Pen light, all white shoes with backs, stethoscope, watch with a second hand, and bandage scissors. Well Chris, I think I got it down for you. I'll keep you posted! Lora
  4. Where is everyone??? tomorrow is the big day for Lawrence! Is anyone planning on getting together?
  5. Hi everyone-I was trying to decided if I should accept the LPN program seat I earned or try again to earn a seat in the spring for ASN. Well...I decided to do the LPN then do the transitional program! So I will be meeting all of you next week at 9am! Did anyone decide how to pick each other out in a crowd? We should meet after to chat...before maybe a little distracting like seeing on old friend in a long time and wanting to catch up!!!:wink2: Let's get something plan, if there is not already something in the works....I would like to join in! Lora
  6. sunshinelh67

    Waiting on Ivy Tech acceptance letters thread

    Susan, from what I understand if you decided to continue your education and get a BSN you will need Chem for that degree. That is why I am going to take Chem instead of ANP201.
  7. sunshinelh67

    Waiting on Ivy Tech acceptance letters thread

    cthomas- I am taking med term online this summer too. It should be a required class for the nursing program- not sure why it is not. I know it will help me, I REALLY need this class. CRN 14398 is the class I am taking through Ft Wayne. Susan: thank you for the warm welcome! Good to be here.
  8. sunshinelh67

    Waiting on Ivy Tech acceptance letters thread

    C- that is a great way to get through the harish times of clinicals! I have been trying to be very realistic about the conditions and what I will be facing in this career change. I believe that is why the drop rate in nursing school is high-the exposure to it all can make students face reality- then you really know if you are the type to handle this type of career. thanks for the reply and the warm welcome!
  9. sunshinelh67

    Waiting on Ivy Tech acceptance letters thread

    Lennon, I would love to join in. I have a family reunion coming up in July. -goal -start running! Lose 10-15 by July! Hope you don't mind me just jumping in here!:pumpiron: gotta get ready for running around like crazy...if I get in to the program.
  10. sunshinelh67

    Waiting on Ivy Tech acceptance letters thread

    Hello everyone! I am now in the waiting game phase too! I read this thread and wanted to share something I read here at allnurses.com that was posted by a Nurse. The comment was made about the instructors at IvyTech for clinicals and how they are (out to get)--I think was the comment, or if they are not interested in helping other students why are they teaching?? This is what she said: Clinicals are like bootcamp and the instructors are preparing you for the culture you are now entering in the medical field. Orders and procedures that need to be followed-if not it could be a matter of life. She also stated that an instructor does not want one of her/his student's out there not following procedure and getting hurt or hurting someone. I understand what she meant, I hope I got the message across in that single statement. The instructors are not only teaching you procedures; it's a way of thinking and handling your job, someone's life, and even protecting your well being while you venture into this new career. Wouldn't you wonder...where did this nurse go to school, she/he is giving me a shot and not wearing gloves? I hope I did this justice and you understand and find (some) comfort...:) when clinicals are getting crazy in your head. this is what I hope to fall back on...when I get in, it may not be this time around, but I will keep trying.
  11. sunshinelh67

    Noob RN program question

    At Ivy Tech you need the four classes to get into the program. ENG 101, PSY 101 and A&P I and II. The nursing program is 4 semesters, so if your first semester is fall 2010 you would take nursing class and clinicals and maybe speech. Spring 2011 you would take nursing class and clinicals along with Microbiology. You would then complete the second year: fall 2011 and spring 2012. I just went to the information session this past week and they are offering optional summer nursing clinicals. I plan to submit my application april 15 for Fall 2009 and go through the summer, I should be done Dec 2010!!! good luck- hope I clarified it for you.:wink2:
  12. sunshinelh67

    Reapplying to WCCCCD

    hello Silly Rabbit, I wanted to let you know my experience, just to give you food for thought. The school I was dealing with is not in MI, but every state's nursing program is like this right now. I got information for the DEAN and it was not the best advise for me. So you should really go to one of the meetingsit will show you have a lot of tenasity "persistence" and you mean business on getting into the program. That is what you competition is most likely doing. Again, just food for thought- for one persistent nursing student to another! LOL GOOD LUCK:heartbeat
  13. sunshinelh67

    Waubonsee Community College-- Starting in Fall

    clinicals at Waubonsee are 3 different shifts, morning, noon, and evenings- I actually just spoke with Dean Jess's assistant. Good LUCK!!
  14. sunshinelh67

    New here - introduction

    Hello everyone my name is Lora, I am new here too and very glad I found you guys! Just finishing up Micro, my last preq. and I am on a list for this fall, but it does not look like I am getting a seat. So I have to wait and see if I can get in Jan 09. The competition is really tough here. Only 72 seats a semester and there was 255 applicants, and it's done by the-luck-of-the-draw! crazy- I have a 3.875 and someone with 2.75 (which is min) can possibly get a seat. Sorry just a little frustrated and needed to vent and that is why I am Sooo glad to find this forum. Keeping my head up, so I can find my way!