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  1. Sersey

    Where is everyone from?

    Greetings from Tallahassee
  2. Sersey

    More Strange Baby Names

    Hi guys, People have said my name was strange. It's Sersey, dad got it from Greek mythology which is spelled Circe, my dad was out to see and mom did'nt know how to spell it, so that's how I got my spelling. I have a niece named Athena. We like the Greek names.
  3. I know where your coming from. I work in LTC, and it seems like the family members run the show. They tell us what meds we can and can't give, get mom/dad up immediatley, I don't care if you're passing out food trays, mom did'nt get her tray, why is dad still in the bed, and the list goes on. I had a resident just the other day who wanted to go to bed, I explained to her that as soon as we were finished getting the food trays passed out we would come and put her to bed, well she called her daughter who called the administrator and said I told her mom I did'nt have time to put her to bed. The list just goes on. Everyone seems to look for the negative and overlook the positive things we do. Sorry for rambling, but I'm with you on this one.
  4. Sersey

    LPN assessment in LTC

    Thanks to all of you. This discussion board has been of great help to me. I find it very educational. Lots of smart nurses out there. I'm glad you guys are here.
  5. Sersey

    LPN assessment in LTC

    Thank you both for replying, I'm currently trying to find a copy of the Florida LPN Scope of Practice. Do you suggest the BON or is there somewhere I can go online?
  6. Sersey

    LPN assessment in LTC

    Hi everyone, I am new to posting, done a lot of reading though. My question is I'm an LPN in LTC, I work the sub acute/rehab floor, I read in another tread that LPN's could not do initial assessments on new admits. We are required to. Am I endangering my license? Thanks for any info.