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  1. pinkestar

    I'm trying so hard I'm failing. When do I give up?

    Congrats on making the decision that is best for you. It's never easy to initiate change like that but you should not settle for a work environment that is unsupportive. Good luck. I hope things go well when you talk to your don. Nicole
  2. pinkestar

    I'm trying so hard I'm failing. When do I give up?

    I can assure you that not all nursing is this way. I graduated in May and have been working on a unit for almost 7 months now. I was terrified when I started and was about 90% sure I was never going to be able to make it. I have been given more support than I ever imagined and I could not be happier. For the most part my coworkers are amazing--they all go out of their way every shift to make sure that I am doing okay and am not too overwhelmed. I received encouragement all through my orientation and beyond. I am never afraid to ask questions and I'm never made to feel bad for wanting to double-check anything. My manager gives us new grads feedback on an almost daily basis and always lets us know that we can come to her for anything--even calling her at home to ask simple questions if need be. The few times I've had trouble with coworkers I have been able to discuss it with her and it was handled very professionally. PLEASE do not give up based on your experience in this particular icu unit. Not all units are as wonderful as mine but they are out there. Not all nurses are out to "eat their young" as I so commonly hear. Obviously, some are....but there is somewhere out there for you. Don't be afraid to look for it! Sounds like you're very determined, caring, and hard-working...find a work environment that will appreciate that!!
  3. pinkestar


    bmullins- Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry that your family has had to go through this, and that you've met some less than compassionate doctors along the way. Hopefully by reading your story, some nurses may be a little less quick to judge anyone as "faking" their illness. Best of luck to you and your daughter. Nicole
  4. pinkestar

    Dilaudid question - Personal Opinion

    Yes, exactly. If a patient tells me he/she is in pain and has a pain med ordered, they get the med. And if they don't have anything ordered, I call the doctor and ask for an order.
  5. pinkestar

    Job interview... what you ask?

    llg is absolutely right about presenting yourself as most interested in the patients and their care. I realize I didn't emphasize that in my earlier post. Because of the shortage, when I was interviewing at local hospitals around here last year, a job offer was practically a given with each interview. I was offered a job at every facility I applied to (as were most of my classmates). For many new grads, the first job, the quality of your orientation there, and the support you receive are absolutely vital to succeeding in nursing and being happy with your career. So do be sure to learn all you can about what the jobs will be offering to you for support and orientation...after the interviewee understands that your first priority is patient care. Again, good luck, keep us updated! Nicole
  6. pinkestar

    Job interview... what you ask?

    Sounds like you have a few good questions lined up. Getting a job on a unit that is a good fit for you is vital. A few other questions I found helpful: -Is it common for the nurses to float to different units? -If I don't feel that I'm getting the most I should be from my preceptor, or we don't make a good fit, what steps would I take and what would be done to improve the situation? -How flexible is the orientation schedule? If, at the end of my orientation, I feel I am not quite ready to work independently, can be be extended? -How often will I be meeting with my manager and/or educator to discuss how my orientation is going? -What opportunities will I have for continued learning at this facility? i.e. certifications, seminars, tuition reimbursement I would also suggest talking to the nurses working the units that you are interested in. I was lucky enough to do my clinical rotations at a variety of hospitals and units. As I was beginning to think of where I might want to work I spoke with many of the nurses, asking straight out if they would recommend working on the unit, how long they have been there, etc. I learned a LOT that way and it was very easy to see which facilities had the most sincerely satisfied employees. Of course that should not determine your decision, but I found it was a factor...and quite a reliable one at that! I absolutely love my job! Good luck to you. Nicole
  7. That's how it is at my facility too. I saw the title to this thread and thought "Report on ER pts? What is that about?"
  8. pinkestar

    Day Shifters Drive Me Nuts

    Certainly makes me appreciate my facility's reporting system. We get and give report via the telephones, using a system that records and plays back report. At times it can be a pain, but it cuts down on a lot of frustration and resentment between the shifts. And to echo what many others have said, overall it's not a problem with only one shift. At the hospital where I work, the day shift nurses are there at 6:30 am working, and can't punch in until 7a. They're generally getting organized and they end up waiting on the night shift nurses for report so they can be out on the floor asap.
  9. pinkestar

    When to wear gloves!?

    I was always taught that you don't need gloves to flush. And then this past week I was flushing a line, the canula twisted right off the tubing that was attached to the site, and my hands were covered in blood. Wear gloves.
  10. pinkestar

    Nurse Practioner - Palliative Care

    I think this is what I want to do also and would love any input!
  11. pinkestar

    My Thanksgiving

    Congratulations!!! That's wonderful! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be proud!!
  12. pinkestar

    Ativan IM?

    Hhmm, interesting. On the unit where I work we push ativan pretty routinely in CMO patients. I'd never noticed it being any more difficult to push than any other meds.
  13. pinkestar

    How do you address your patients?

    Generally when I first meet the pt I call them Mr/Mrs last name. I then ask something like "Is that what you like to be called, or would you prefer something else". As everyone else seems to have experienced, most pts prefer to be called by their first name. If the pt is around my age or younger (I'm 26) I usually just use first name from the beginning. I absolutely HATE being called "sweetie", "honey", etc by anyone other than my closest friends. So I would never use one of those names to address a patient...or anyone else for that matter.
  14. pinkestar

    Do you recommend becoming a nurse?

    Very well said.
  15. pinkestar

    an almost funny comment

    Well, from the way she responded, it sounded like actually going into the pt's room isn't something she does too often!