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Annieb2 has 28 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Oncology, IV Therapy.

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  1. Dosage Calculations Exam

    Hello Saalbunch, Two minutes is adequate time for a medication calculation problem for undergraduate BSN nursing students. In complex critical care intravenous titration medication calculation problems, one may want to add another minute only for th...
  2. Nurse educator AND FNP..need advice!

    I agree with the above post where as you can get your NP and teaching certificate and teach in a NP program. That way you can have the best of both worlds. I wish you all the best.
  3. Simulations Use?

    Hi ProfRN4, If the student is not successful, the student must remediate one on one with faculty and will receive another opportunity with simulation.
  4. Simulations Use?

    The university where I teach has a pass/fail grading system with simulation. The clinical faculty have found if you do not attach a grading rubric to simulation the students do not take it seriously. The clinical faculty state simulation is a powerf...
  5. How to Become Online Nursing Instructor

    Thank you VickyRN for the suggestion. The courses are already spoken for by senior faculty. But I will continue to request for the opportunity. I appreciate your comment.
  6. How to Become Online Nursing Instructor

    I have been teaching in an academic institution for 3 years and am very interested in teaching online. I have some experience with online teaching, but would like to obtain more. First, how do I learn more about online teaching? Second, should I cont...
  7. Prep-U

    I just started utilizing PREP-U in our curriculum. It is a fantastic tool for NCLEX questions and an effective way to engage the class into critical thinking as a group. I also have the students take quizzes prior to lecture to make sure they have an...
  8. Activity for last day of clinical rotation

    How about inviting the Nurse Manager or Clinical Nurse Specialist to discuss Emergent Issues in the Labor and Delivery Setting? An open forum of questions should be generated prior to the discussion. Any form of collaboration with the healthcare team...
  9. Failing a student in clinical

    As Clinical Faculty it is our job to ethically keep patients safe. In doing so, students must learn the importance of safe medication calculation and safe medication administration. Insulin being a high risk medication and known for medication errors...
  10. Teaching Nursing or Not ,Time to call it Quits?

    I applaud you for going back to school and with perseverance! I agree with the previous post to make sure you are well taken care of in regards to your MS and Crohns' Disease. Your health is the most important issues at this time. As for continuing...
  11. dealing with difficult students

    I have experienced rude and disruptive students in the classroom and clinical setting. I address integrity and what behaviors are expected in the nursing program. If students are talking during my lecture, I ask them to share with the class what they...
  12. Advice for future Nursing Faculty

    I am a nurse with many years experience. I chose to teach nursing because I love to teach student nurses in the clinical and classroom setting. I would not be as effective in the classroom/clinical without my prior nursing experience. I think that is...
  13. Unsafe student in clinical

    Unacceptable behavior. This student is unsafe. You have warned her, spoken with her, and written her up. Do everything by the policy of your institution. If that means fail her then so be it.
  14. Online programs

    Thank you!
  15. Online programs

    Thank you very much for the information SunFlower3. I appreciate it.