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  1. Murgy

    Recent Nursing Test Question

    Yesterday I took at test where we had to put how we would take care of this patient who was diabetic with a surgical wound with pus-type discharge on bandage and had a temperature of 104 degrees. The following information was given and we had to put the following list in sequence order as to what intervention we would do first, second, third and fourth. What I want to know is what sequence would you list the following interventions? a. acetaminophen (Tylenol) b. IV antibiotics c. wound care d. sponge to wipe body with cool water I'm interested in finding out, especially from RNs, what sequence you think is the correct sequence and why? Sincerely, Murgy
  2. Murgy

    Lawsuit Against The College Network

    I need your help regarding getting out of the contract with The College Network and especially the City County Credit Union the College Network used to pay for all my nursing courses I haven't studied yet. I don't understand how any organization can charge you money up front like the College Network/City County Credit Union can by just validating a contract. If I choose to go to any college in the United States and choose not to continue my education with any college in the United States, the only time I'm charged is for that semester I quit in. I don't have to pay for 4 years of college ahead of time. There ought to be a law against the College Network/City County Credit Union for selling a college education ahead of time and not being allowed to quit without having to pay for 2 to 4 years of tuition. Please advise me as to how you were able to get out of your contract with the College Network. Thank you.
  3. Murgy

    Lawsuit Against The College Network

    :yeah:Good for you about going to an attorney. How has your lawsuit come along? Were you able to get out of your contract? I was wondering if anybody confronted TCN about the fact that when you go to an actual college, if you decide not to return for another semester, the college does not charge you for not returning to school. So why is a contract binding that makes a person have to finish college if they don't want to? That sounds illegal to me. I know the salesman didn't explain that aspect when he/she sold the TCN package. That's deceitful. It's almost assumed that when you attend a regular college if you don't return, you only pay for when you attended. To me a contract should only be binding when it only applies to education, the same way it's binding when a person attends a regular college. Otherwise TCN should be considered a fraud. They are not applying the aspects of education. They're selling something other than a college education.
  4. First of all, thank you for working out the problems for me. The answer sheet for the Math for Nurses Practice Exam, that I'm working on, gives the answer to Question #1 as 40 gtt/min, rather than 32 gtt/min but your second answer for Question #1, 48 gtt/hr is in agreement with the answer sheet. I'm wondering if the answer sheet is wrong???? Your answer of 32gtt/min has got to be right-do you agree? You have the same answer as the answer sheet for Question #2. I had the answers, I just didn't know how to work the problems and again I really appreciate your help!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!
  5. These are practice exam problems just to see if we could get the answer to the problem--not a real life IV problem. So are you saying there is no solution to either of these 2 IV problems?
  6. I've tried but was never taught to do this kind of IV calculation. I know all of the med calculations and the rest of the IV calculations. Pitocin calculations weren't taught in LPN nursing school. So if there's anybody out there with a heart, I'd appreciate a teaching lesson just for these 2 Pitocin questions. Thanks!
  7. First Calculation Problem: A patient is to receive 12 milliunits per minute of Pitocin. The directions for making up the fluid is to add 15 units of Pitocin to 1 liter of 5 % dextrose solution. Determine the rate of the IV in gtts/min and cc/hr using a drop factor of 40 gtts/ml. Second calculation problem: A patient is to receive 10 milliunits per minute of Pitocin. The directions for making up the fluid is to add 8 units of Pitocin to 1 liter of 5% dextrose solution. Using a drop factor of 60gtts/ml, determine how long (in hours) would the 1 liter IV fluid last in continuous infusion?