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  1. Tobi nebs

    Where I work we do not assign pregnant nurses to patients who are getting Tobi nebs.
  2. A Never Ending Battle

    She has been fighting her whole life. She, the patient, whose every system has been wracked with relentless disease except for her beating heart. The steady rhythm keeps her alive, on the brink of viability, but hanging by a thread each and every day...
  3. Hi, I have been working adult Med-Surg for almost 6 months, but my heart is in Pediatrics. I found out a couple days ago that I have been invited to interview for TWO positions at a major Children's hospital! I have been volunteering at a Children's ...
  4. First Job

    What about those of us who were not lucky enough to get a Peds position right out of school? I could not find an open position anywhere and am now working Med-Surg at a big hospital. Will this experience be beneficial if I eventually want to go into ...