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  1. vintagestudent

    Working in unpleasant conditions

    One of the toughest experiences I deal with in PDN is the "CF-er," control freak caregivers. OMG, they drive me nutty, LOL! Coming in a close second are the parents who think you're also a nanny/housekeeper. Say what?!? I don't think so...
  2. vintagestudent

    How do you reward yourself after a tough shift?

    Drive by a McDonald's and buy my tired, sweaty self a $1.00 large unsweetened ice tea with lemon. Ahhhhh.... Uh-huh!
  3. vintagestudent

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    While in LVN school, it was assumed we'd go on to RN school. I'm okay with ppl staying as LVN/LPNs..whatever floats your boat. I returned to school later in life, so continuing on to RN school will put me somewhere between my mid 50s and early 60s..hmm, I have to wonder if it will be worth it then. For now, I work in home health and still have time to raise the remaining 2 boys in our family, now both high schoolers. All this to say, "we'll see." (I'd love to study more in-depth nursing formally, but my hubster and boys need me home at this time. For now, I'm content to be a "mature" independent learner absorbing knowledge at my own pace. ) Peace in God.
  4. kgress, that mom is seriously kooky. I hope you turned in your notice. Stick to your job description and you'll be fine. Don't give these shameless primary caregivers an inch because they'll often take a football field and then turn on you when you refuse to mow the lawn for them and repair the plumbing, lol. Believe me, I've seen these PCG's do the Jeckle n Hyde thing on kind-hearted nurses far too often. My advice: Avoid the PCGs like the plague! Hope things work out for you in a better home setting, fellow nurse. :hug: Peace. :)
  5. I was asked to do the same. My humble reply was, "Umm, no." I explained why I could not do that. Furthermore, I refuse to be manipulated by clients. I worked too hard and my family sacrificed a lot for my license to put it on the line for an ungrateful/abusive PCG and I have no problem diplomatically conveying this to my shameless client. If I am dismissed from the assignment, so be it. There are other assignments to be had. It just sickens me that some nurses allow themselves to be manipulated as in the end the nurse is the one who loses. The PCG gets free nanny care, the agency gets their money, but the nurse is left overly tired and feeling abused. That's unacceptable. Caliotter3, stick to your job description and let the chips fall where they may. Home health nursing is here to stay and there will always be other clients who need and appreciate our compassion and skills. Stand your ground, fellow nurse. :hug: Peace. :)
  6. vintagestudent

    Seasonal flu shot clinics

    Overall had a positive experience working as flui shot nurse. Just finished on-line training for upcoming season and waiting for scheduling to be made available. Appreciated that company hired new grads. Hopefully this season will be a good experience as well. Only major complaint I have is purchasing a money order rather than send the customer's cash to the company. That was a pain in the bootay as I had to stand in line with all my stuff last season, but I did it. I give that part of the job a BIG . I didn't run into many supply problems..I probably would have never returned this season had I experienced that often last season. This season, there is additional pay for giving over X amount of vaccinations and less earned hourly. Umm, I'm not sure how I feel about this new strategy as I'm not a believer in pushing vaccinations on anyone. I believe if people see the need to be vaccinated conveniently in the retail stores our company serves, they'll come to me. Shhh, I'm sure the company doesn't approve of my comment. Vintagestudent now Vintagenurse.
  7. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    Well, I've decided not to address the issue with agency boss. I just won't accept any cases w/o the 485 anymore and if they choose to never offer me another assignment, so be it. At minimum, I won't lose any sleep at night worrying about the potential consequences of bad choices. Peace. :)
  8. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    By the way, finally received copy of 485 BUT there is no physician's signature at the bottom. Shouldn't there ALWAYS be a signature?? Is there a website, book, or pamphlet that will answer my questions regarding legal/illegal home health care practices any of you can recommend? Thanks.
  9. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    Paddler and caliotter3, yep, you're right. Scary experience for this newbie and one she'll not forget. Thanks. :)
  10. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    I've learned my lesson and will refuse any case offered without the 485, paddler. Yeah, what a no-no that was....
  11. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    You're right, caliotter. I'll address the matter next week when I meet with the owner. Thanks. :)
  12. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    That's very good, twokidsmom,rn. :) I hope the agency will be reasonable when I address the matter next week, but if not, well, then it's time to move on. Thanks for your input.
  13. vintagestudent

    Just hired by HHC agency--not feeling very good about it now

    Thanks for the input. Yes, it was a bad choice on my part for which I am deeply regretful. Ugh! Thanks again for your replies.
  14. Recently hired by HH agency w/o ANY orientation. Discomfort #1. Twice I've been assigned a pt but not given the POC because the RN has not finished completing it. Discomfort #2. I've heard RNs hold on to them for 2 weeks. I've been VERY uncomfortable seeing my pt's without visually seeing the POC and have serious problems with this practice. I regret taking the cases like you have no idea. I will refuse to take cases if POC isn't ready for my viewing. Am I overreacting? Too paranoid maybe? (I don't think so.) This is my first LVN job since getting my license last year but I clearly remember being taught NEVER to do anything to a pt w/o seeing the care plan in hospital/LTC. Seems it also apply to HHC since we're directly caring for pts. Question 1: Is sending an LVN for follow-up visits w/o a POC/485 the norm in home health care? Sure hope not but I'm a newbie and would appreciate replies from those working in the hhc industry. Thank you for your input. :)
  15. vintagestudent

    Integrated Science Program in Whittier Ca

    You're welcome.
  16. vintagestudent

    Integrated Science Program in Whittier Ca

    As soon as I do, I'll e-mail you. :)