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  1. mamaonamission

    Nursing books on Kindle

    I have all of my nursing textbooks on my ipod and computer using vitalsource. They have an enormous amount of nursing books in mobile format and it's awesome to be able to whip out my ipod anywhere I am, without an internet connection, and study on the go.
  2. mamaonamission

    I am victim of speaking for myself

    "You're extremely lucky that your boss's boss is willing to find you a new job. We don't know the details of your situation, but the tone of your post is extremely angry and confrontational and I'm wondering about what started this whole business." - It really twists my knickers when someone vents about an upsetting situation on this board and a poster infers that they come across as "arrogant, confrontational, etc", thus deserving of the situation they found themselves in. Geeze, leave the poor poster alone - of COURSE they are upset or they wouldn't have started the thread. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were given a bum deal - I've spent over twenty years working with nurses and know that a lot of ugly and unprofessional conduct goes on behind the nursing station....but maybe that's a dirty little secret we should not bring out into the open.
  3. mamaonamission

    What constitutes a nursing shortage?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around what constitutes a nursing shortage. I know that Provincial Nursing Associations state there is, or soon will be a nursing shortage, but if you look at the statistics, Canada is in the top ten for nurses per people ratio: Nurses (most recent) by country I've heard Health pundits state that Canada is in a very good position with the amount of nurses we have and will continue to have. What does this mean? Is the nursing shortage real, or a politically generated position to strengthen barganing positions? Just curious...
  4. mamaonamission

    Orientation for Practical Nursing Program (yesterday)

    Hey! Are you going to Humber College? I had my orientation day yesterday at Humber's North Campus - is this your college as well?
  5. mamaonamission

    RPNs that remain RPNs?

    I can relate - I am 41 and have five young children, age eight and under, and am going to be restarting my RPN studies this September. As much as I would have liked to do a two year BScN degree, it is a financial and logistical luxury that we can't afford with so many little ones needing care and attention. So my plan is to do the RPN and, if it is feasible and feels worth it, bridge to the BScN over the course of three or four years. And if I can do that, then I would love to become a pediatric NP by the time I'm 50 :). I wish you luck with your venture into nursing and think you are doing the right thing to balance school and family.
  6. mamaonamission

    Does anyone know what the Humber College Lab looks like?

    Hi StudentNurse75! I am a fellow RPN student at Humber College and am glad to find you on this board. I am doing the program part-time at the North Campus. Yes I've seen the lab and it is very cool and high tech - you will enjoy it! Just to let you know there is a Canadian forum on this board where you can post questions related to Canadian nursing. Cheers!