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  1. mamaonamission

    Nursing books on Kindle

    I have all of my nursing textbooks on my ipod and computer using vitalsource. They have an enormous amount of nursing books in mobile format and it's awesome to be able to whip out my ipod anywhere I am, without an internet connection, and study on the go.
  2. mamaonamission

    Does anyone know what the Humber College Lab looks like?

    Hi StudentNurse75! I am a fellow RPN student at Humber College and am glad to find you on this board. I am doing the program part-time at the North Campus. Yes I've seen the lab and it is very cool and high tech - you will enjoy it! Just to let you know there is a Canadian forum on this board where you can post questions related to Canadian nursing. Cheers!
  3. mamaonamission

    RPNs in Ontario

    Wow, that post just made my week! :nmbrn:
  4. mamaonamission

    Cousin failed the RPN exam- Ontario: Need Help

    Hi there - you might want to post this in the Canadian nurses forum, which you can find under the Region tab (click on International and you will see the Canadian forum). I'm certain you'll get responces there.
  5. Hi All; I'm a week away from starting a part-time practical nursing program that I would graduate from in three years, four months. My end goal is to be a nurse practitioner. I am 39 years old, and currently a stay-at-home mom with four young children and I work part time as a ward clerk. Here in Ontario, I would have to work for a year before applying to a RPN - to RN bridge program. I would then have to go to university for close to three years full time or five years part time to earn my BScN. After that, I would work for a year as an RN and then apply to undertake my Primary Care Nurse Practioner degree. I would be roughly 49 when done, and would have had to juggle school and raising little ones for ten years. My other option would be to continue working part-time as a ward clerk (every other weekend) for the next three years, and take distance university courses so I could apply for a two year fast-track RN program in 4 years (my youngest would be in grade one and my oldest would be in grade 5). My hubby and I would have to scrimp and save to come up with the money for me to go to school full-time AND hire a nanny to look after the kids, and household work. Money is very tight, but basically in six years I would have my BScN and be able to bring in decent money. I'm not certain as to what to expect with my kids and going to school full-time - is it realistic to think I could still be a good, attentive mom, run a household and study full-time? Which path would you choose to reach your destination?
  6. mamaonamission

    Pros and Cons of Working for Hospital for Sick Children

    Could you elaborate on that, Pedi-Gree? I know there are unspoken nuances of how the different areas of nursing are viewed, and am curious as to why ped nurses would not be given their due?
  7. mamaonamission

    Pros and Cons of Working for Hospital for Sick Children

    Thanks, Linzz - this has been an illuminating discussion. Gosh, I wish that RPN's had the opportunity to work in pediatrics - I plan to do the RPN to RN bridge, but when I complete the bridge I will be without any pediatric experience. Hopefully, if the shortage is still here in five years I'll be able to get a pediatric job regardless!

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