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Technical Imagaing Assistant II in Peds Radiology

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  1. molse001

    Nurses not immune to sick economy

    I do have to say this though. When the economy is the way it is, none of us should be picky about what type of nursing job we get. There are so many people without jobs. Let's be grateful!!! And when the economy changes and jobs begin to open up, then go for the one you really wanted.
  2. molse001

    Nurses not immune to sick economy

    I live in Northeast Florida and it is getting tight even around here for new graduates. I'm suppose to graduate in December and I'm freaking out. I already work at a Children's hospital and have spoken with one of the floors. I honestly will start off doing anything to just get that "one year" of experience. I will keep applying and will just keep hoping for the best. I will not stop trying that is for sure!! Thanks for the article. It gives me hope that there will be a turn around.
  3. molse001

    FCCJ Fall 2008

    We should definitely have a PARTY!!! lol It would be sooo good to see everyone. Even if its just meeting up at a chili's or something like that. We are getting closer and closer to being there. I just finished my last OB clinical today :) No more clinicals till the big Term 4. Yay!!! We can do this. There is no doubt in my mind. The finish line is so near