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  1. ajf

    Staff for deliveries

    The topic on staff duties for c/s brought up a question we are dealing with regarding staff needed for deliveries. Do you always have 2RN's? Do you do deliveries alone or use unlicenced people?
  2. ajf

    Personnel for cesarean birth

    Our OR nurses scrub and circulate. They have maternal care, we are with the pediatirican to do nursery care. Also a small hospital, 30 births a month. Where I worked before our OB techs scrubbed, we circulated, nursery did baby. The techs also applied monitors, did inital triage paperwork, set delivery tables, stocked etc.
  3. I recently read an article about the reuse of medical equiptment that was manufactured to be disposable. I have no professional experience with this equiptment (to my knowledge). I am curious about other nurse's experiences. Have you worked with recycled eqiptment? Is there a diffrence performance of this equiptment? Do you feel this practice is safe?
  4. ajf

    Liability Insurance?

    I am a new grad working in L&D. I was thinking about getting libility insurance. Not because I think I'm going to screw up, but several of our professors at school suggested it. Does anyone have an opinion about the subject? Suggestions on companies?
  5. ajf

    poor staffing and new grad

    Good for you Anji! As a new grad I was a little disapointed by some of the responses myself. I understand that as new nurses we have a lot to learn. However, it seems to me that you knew the situation was unsafe. Rather than supporting you, many of the responses where to suck it up. I hope you made clear to your former employer why you resigned. Nurses leaving does not always change things, but it does send a message to administration as to the state of the unit. Congratulations for taking care of you AND your patients. Good luck in your new job.
  6. ajf

    medical assistant or nurse

    I say get your MA so that you can do that while your in nursing school. Any medical experience/exposure you have will help you in nursing school. It also opens doors for future RN jobs. I say go for it, meanwhile taking courses for your nursing degree. Also, when you get a MA job, let the nurses know you are in nursing school. Frequently they will show you more things than if you arn't a student! Good Luck.