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jackiesue94 has 16 years experience and specializes in LTC.

I have been a nurse for sixteen years specializing in ltc. I am a runner; I love animals; I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease five years ago and subsequently have been on the other side of healthcare so to speak,but it's made me a better nurse

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  1. jackiesue94

    Blindfolding: Is this an intervention or abuse?

    I have worked in a LTC for the last 16 years and YES this is abuse. Period. My LTC is a state facility so we get the residents that the private facilities reject-like ones that may be abusive. The way we have tried to handle these residents is getting the family physician involved, possibly getting a prn med to administer an hour before cares. An employee would be fired instantly at our place and their license reviewed for such an action. No, I am not a supervisor, I am a floor nurse so I know the difficulties of caring for abusive, dementia ridden patients.
  2. jackiesue94

    How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    I wish my facility would crack down on 'weather days'. I live in the UP of Michigan where we routinely get 300+ inches of snow per winter. I would be ashamed to use the weather as an excuse...it's all in your planning. Unfortunately a few of the nurses take advantage every time a storm comes around even though one of them has a daughter that lives 3 blocks from the facility...in a three bedroom house-alone. But I digress...weather is an issue for everyone. To show up-on time, no whining-goes hand in hand with a good work ethic and personal responsibility.