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znurse08 specializes in postpartum.

Single mom in nursing school

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  1. znurse08

    International College of Health Sciences

    Hi yes I am I will be starting with MedSurg one in mental health what about you ... we were supposed to start in February but I had to wait
  2. znurse08

    International College of Health Sciences

    I definitely understand! Yes thank you my email address is znurse08@Yahoo.com.
  3. znurse08

    International College of Health Sciences

    Wow, yes that is an awful lot of money and for me I did another RN program but failed the final of the last class of the curriculum Med Surg 2 so they would not let me come back so I’m having to start all over again I wish I could find a bridge program but I am here I hope that I can make it work. I wish I could speak with someone directly and just get like the breakdown of the classes when they start, end I have not been able to get any concrete information about how the program is Ran, how many weeks are the class is nothing like that
  4. znurse08

    International College of Health Sciences

    so how is it going so far? what are your class/ virtual hours?
  5. znurse08

    Gap Analysis Exam never heard of it

    Hi fellow nurses, I am going back to school to get my RN and the school but I am going to is ICHS in Florida. I need to take a gap analysis exam, I never heard of it. I have taken nursing courses at another school and when I contacted ICHS they said there was nothing to study for since I’ve already taken these classes, but I still like to refresh. My former school used ATI. I feel like there should be something to study. does anybody know what this test involves? My test date is coming up in a few weeks & I have been doing practice NCLEX style questions on MedSurg 1&2, pharmacology and fundamentals which I took those two classes almost 2 years ago. any information would help thank you.
  6. znurse08

    ATI Med Surg 2019 Proctored Exam

    Hi I’m interested
  7. znurse08

    LPN thinking of quitting job full time to focus on RN

    Not at current job..they require full time.
  8. Hello All, New to Site would like your thoughts, opinions etc. Ive been a LPN 4yrs now, recently started back to school only able to take 1 class per semester due to heavy work load. Ive been thinking about quitting full time job to return to school full time to pursue either my ASN or BSN. I figure I could work weekends at a Nursing home, or thru the week not on days of school. I would need income for rent, car payment, and a few other small bills. Right now I only need to take about 10classes (pre reqs) before I could apply to get a Nursing program. At the rate im going only able to take 1 class a semester-i'd be forever going to school. Any thoughts, ideas Im in Atlanta Thanks!