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RNpenny18 has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN, LPN.

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  1. Hi all. I thought I would ask your opinion about what best to do because I am super confused. I work for a Human Services Agency in Massachusetts as an RN Supervisor and love my job. I however do not make nearly as much as I think I am worth and therefore thinking about returning to school. Sometimes I make up my mind about doing the Psych NP program being that I love mental Health. but I'm torn between that and Msn Leadership/Management. I know RN Managers in the Psych field who make a decent salary in addition to very flexible schedules. The Psych NP career is obviously very lucrative but with the epidemic/opioid crisis, I feel that the liability has drastically increased. Anyone with the same thoughts? I am ready to sign up for one or the other but can't seem to make up my mind. The other question I have is about the schools that any of you can recommend for these grad Programs. Anyone with info on WGU's Leadership/Management Program? Thank you so much.
  2. RNpenny18

    I took 80 questions is that bad?

    I had 82 questions, mostly SATA and passed.
  3. I know a friend who's getting paid 31/visit...64,480$ a year...
  4. RNpenny18

    A Patient Who Changed My Life

    Having had a Home Health Aide with a certificate from the American Red Cross, I worked with the elderly in their homes and Assisted Living facilities and I loved it. For 5 years I had a lovely client who became very dear to me and I enjoyed taking good care of her. We went to the park, for lunches, and she enjoyed taking drives when the weather was good, getting ice cream and that kind of thing. I assisted her with exercise, she loved throwing the ball because it reminded her of her grandsons. I made sure I did this most of the time so she would be happy. She always gave me stories about her family and her late husband (she always became very sad) that she didn't get to see them anymore. The family was not very pro-active in her life and she considered us as her family. Nonetheless, I made sure she got everything that she needed and kept her as comfortable as possible. She was a lovely lady. The last two years, I started noticing some differences in her; she started forgetting things, started losing her temper (which she never did) and was more confused than usual. A year later she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and by this time there was a complete turn-around in her personality. She got very "mean", was not co-operative and her eating habits changed. We could not go out for activities and do everything that she liked to do. It was like night and day. NB: The word means above is in quotation mark because I never knew Mary to have an ounce of meanness. It was definitely the disease that took so much from her. It was sad to me because I knew she was not coming back. She was deteriorating fast and most of the time she did not recognize me. Sometimes she looked at me with some sort of recognition and smiled but it was lost in a second. I guess there was a little ray of hope that she could at least remember the person who was with her for a while, nearly every day. Earlier this year, I lost my "dear", she died from pneumonia complications and it was a sad day for me. But then something occurred to me - I have always wanted to become a Nurse but I now got a stronger purpose to do it!!! I would complete my Nursing school and if I would go to work with people diagnosed with Dementia, maybe even get involved with some research, this would really give me an even higher purpose. My Mary left me with a purpose and I know not to judge a person with Alzheimer's or anyone at all, because it's a disease and not a manifestation of what the person is. She made me a better person and I am going to be a better student nurse who is looking to get into Geriatric Nursing. Without a doubt, I will excel.
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    school with only private loans?

    Hi everybody, I had posted before asking anybody to be aware of a school that does not accept Federal loans. However, yesterday I was watching the Suze Orman show and it shed some new light on the issue. As she said, colleges can opt-out of Federal loans because of administrative costs that they are needed to pay. Basically, YES there are colleges that dont have to accept these loans so go ahead and look into this school. But before you do anything ask them if this is the reason why and if not what's their reason. If legit they will have no reason not to tell u. Good luck and I hope this helped a little.
  6. RNpenny18

    school with only private loans?

    Beware!!!!!!!!!! All accredited schools that I know always help with application for Federal Aide. What kind of school wants to put their students through the tough private loans? Please lookout:banghead:!!!!!
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    What math class would help with passing the lpn entrance exam

    Look for the NET guide and study. This will give you a good idea of what to expect. The first reply on this column gives great advice. good luck! Remember with Comprehension and reading timing is everything. Most ppl fail bcoz of time, they dont COMPLETE. Ud rather guess answere that leave them blank.
  8. RNpenny18

    New LPN students??

    [Congrats Ahshay. How are you planning your study time and work etc? Which is the most challenging course? Any other pointers?:redbeathe
  9. RNpenny18

    I started LPN school today!

    Thanks alot for sharing this with us. I am starting my LPN in August and am very scared. Wish all of you luck. Anybody joining Assabet Valley in Massachusetts? Is it necessary to get flash cards before starting? I want to avoid buying things that I dont need because its going to be hard making it through financially.
  10. Pls tell your family to believe you. Sometimes you even pass the entrance test - NET, TEAS but you still dont get in. However, at your entrance interview, presentation and your need to get into the school shows in the way you answer questions etc. Show the admissions director that you really need it. I went for the interview sort of like you go when going for a job interview - no jeans, etc. Just gave me some confidence...... Do it your way though. Good LUCK:up: