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32 year old Male CNA and RN student

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  1. slyhrtbt

    I'm loving my OB rotation!!!

    Just relax you will be fine. Your instructors should help you find patients that do not mind if a student observes the delivery. I was nervous about some of the same things before I started OB. I can honestly say it has been my favorite rotation so far. Just go in and act confident like you belong there, You will be accepted much better. Good luck to you
  2. slyhrtbt

    I'm loving my OB rotation!!!

    Wow almost every thing you said is true for me too and I am a man. I am doing my OB rotation right now. I saw a vaginal birth this past sunday. It was so ecxiting. One of my classmates said " look at you your glowing". I love working with the newborns. It makes me want a baby too. But I have inserted a few strait caths. I don't know if I want to work in L&D but I would love to be a nursery nurse. The hospital where I have clinicals has family centered care so the baby stay's in the room with the mother. This is the same room where the mother labored and delivered. It is realy nice and I can see how the mother would love it. Just curious, How do some of you men feel about OB and how were you recieved in OB when you did your clinicals? Good Luck to all.
  3. Harrisburg Area Community College Lancaster Campus I know we have the greatest instructors around. It is an awesome program. We started with 76 and lost 23 but picked up a few from other schools. We started with 12 guys out of the 76 students. I'm in my second semester of a 2 year ADN program.
  4. slyhrtbt

    HACC Lancaster Nursing Students

    Your welcome Anyone that is trying to be a nurse has my support no matter what program they go too. I hope you have a great experience and things go good for you. Anyway good luck Steve
  5. slyhrtbt

    HACC Lancaster Nursing Students

    The last I heard LGH had a 99.something percent rate. Hacc has a 100% passing rate. This is not much difference. I personally love the HACC program and love the way they teach. I have talked to a few people that started at LGH and hated it, and now go too HACC and love it. I won't speak bad about LGH though. I know they turn out good nurses too. Steve
  6. slyhrtbt

    HACC Lancaster Nursing Students

    Just wandering why you say this? What have you heard? I haven't found this to be true yet. Anyway Just wandering.
  7. slyhrtbt

    I passesd

    Hey I'm sorry you have to get back to school so soon. I see you live in Va. I grew up there and I'm actually jealous of you:) . I know what you mean by humongous book I have quite a stack of them myself. I'm just happy not to look at them for a little bit.
  8. slyhrtbt

    I passesd

    Well Catma Congrats on passing your first semester. It is a huge accomplishment. I heard tonight that 16 people did not pass. That is out of 75. and some dropped out before finals. That will be really weird going back to school and not seeing some of my friends there. But Big Congrats to all who passed their classes. Do not Underestimate the achievment you have accomplished. It is starting to sink in to me and I am starting to feel like celebrating. Still feel real bad for my friend and the others that didn't pass. Hey I have a month off from school and that is worth celebrating.
  9. slyhrtbt

    I Did It!!!!!

    Congrats this is big.
  10. slyhrtbt

    I passesd

    Catma63 Congrats to you on Passing and getting through Nursing school. I can't wait till I am all the way through.:) Yes it is Bitter sweet. I hope my friend tries again because she will make a great nurse. But she talked about doing something else. Thanks to all for your support. :kiss
  11. slyhrtbt

    I passesd

    I found out tonight that I passed my first semester of nursing school. I am very relieved and excited to be moving on. The news that I passed was accompanied by the news that one of my best friends did not. Talk about mixed feelings. It just will not seem right without my friend in class with me. But I will go on.
  12. slyhrtbt

    What State Should We Call 'Home'?

    I will always be partial to Central Va. I grew up there. I'd chack out the Charlottsville area. They have UVA medical center and another hospital. It is a beautifull city and near the mountains.
  13. slyhrtbt

    giving report to a monster!!!

    He prob. knows it too. May be part of the problem:)
  14. slyhrtbt

    Men in Nursing

  15. slyhrtbt

    HACC Lancaster Nursing Students

    Well I have to agree with You. HACC Lancaster has a great program. The Instructors are great and very knowlegable. I love the program at Hacc.
  16. slyhrtbt

    SNAP Convention

    Are any of you student nurses going to the SNAP convention in Pittsburg this month. I am going and realy looking forward to it.