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  1. all_dressed_in_white

    Popular medications

    Hi all. Nursing student from Australia here, on my first flacement in a real hospital and I'm stuggling to comprehend so many new medications. I thought that maybe I could compile a bit of a list of the most popular and learn all about them.. just so i have at least a few that are familiar when i do the rounds. The hospital Im at is predominantly aged care. What are the most common medications that you come across? OR, if anyone has any tips for how to research the meds properly and not spend all day doing meds rounds, plz let me know. many thanks. :)
  2. all_dressed_in_white

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    Thanks for this posting. Its so inspiring to hear nurses talk about loving their job, and the fact that they (you) are so good at what you do just comes shining through. I'm still at uni doing my BN, but I'm working with DADCH HomeCare while I'm studying. I am constantly honored by the priveledges of caring for people in their own homes, by the smiles on their faces when I arrive and by the information they so willingly share. Of course, every job has its challenges, and sometimes one hour in one persons home can feel like an entire night shift in an aged care facility, but still, they are the people who i will want to tell first when i do graduate. As hard as it is at the moment, i know the tough love is preparing me for the years ahead as an RN. Its the first job I've ever had where I have total trust in my workmates, and learn more from them everyday. I believe it takes a special kind of person to stick at home health for so long. You seem to have learnt all the secrets. Thankyou so much for sharing them. I'll be sure to revisit this post after many a difficult day. Love your work!!!