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  1. Mogol

    Capella vs WGU

    Also considering William Patterson - any input on them?
  2. Mogol

    Capella vs WGU

    Hi all, trying to decide between these two schools. I like the flexibility and being able to complete the course faster, but wondering if one is more user friendly than the other, or more widely accepted (going on to FNP). Would love any and all input!
  3. Thanks, for your responses, everyone! I guess I didn't make myself clear. I DID find many RN to MSN programs, online and regular. What I am trying to do is find a shortcut to get my BSN since I already have a bachelor's. Once I get that BSN, I plan to go on to FNP. So I am trying to see if anyone was in the same situation and what you chose to do. Did you find an online RN - MSN program that took a lot of the credits from your other bachelors? Or did you get your BSN in one place and then MSN elsewhere? Also, once we are on the subject, if you did get your FNP online, I would love to hear what school you went to and what your experience there was. As you see, this is more of a "personal experience" type of question, which is why google wasn't so helpful... Thanks in advance!
  4. yes, I am an RN. Thanks!
  5. There is no need to be mean. I did the google search many times, most of these are regular RN to MSN programs....That is why I am posting here. Not trying to waste anyone's time, I tried on my own and didn't get anywhere. If you don't feel like it's a legitimate question on my part, ignore it, but I know that I personally would be happy to help with such a question if it was asked of me.
  6. bump...anyone?
  7. Hi all! I am looking for an online bridge program RN to FNP that would take my bachelor's degree (in another field) into account. I spoke to a brick and mortar school that would do that, and I would have to take only 3 classes to get my BSN, but so far I haven't found an online program like that. If anyone can recommend something, it would be great. If there is no such thing, please let me know which online program you went to and if you were happy with it, even if it doesn't have any special accommodations for second degree, so that I have an idea of which schools are worth looking into. TIA! :)
  8. Mogol

    RN to MSN online programs

    Hi All, I am looking into online RN to MSN programs (already have a BS in another field). Just wanted to hear what programs people have gone to and what the experiences were. Did the program allow for a slower pace so that you could work at the same time? Also, I am not sure whether I want to do PNP or FNP because I'm hearing conflicting opinions about which gives you more options. Any opinions on that are welcome as well. Thanks in advance! :)
  9. Mogol

    Starting out in nursing school

    Hi all, I have decided to apply to nursing school, and right now am studying to take the biology CLEP exam, since I somehow managed to graduate high school without taking bio. Now, I know it's hard to cram a year's worth of information into a few months of self-study, but this is really making me have second thoughts about nursing school. It all seems so foreign, and so technical and detailed, that I feel like I'm just never going to remember all of this, never mind REALLY understand.....The studying is not the problem, I already have a BS (in computer science) so I'm not scared of school. The questions I have are - what type of stuff do you learn in nursing school? Is it all memorization? How much of it do you actually use on a daily basis once you're working? Also, did any of you have the same reaction when starting out and then got used to it? I really, really want to do this, I'm just really scared off by the newness of it all....Any reassurance is welcome. :)
  10. Mogol

    career question

    Thanks for replying, everyone! What about home care and doctor's offices - is that interesting work, or are you taking blood pressure and temperature all day?
  11. Mogol

    career question

    Hi All, I am very interested in going to nursing school, but the question I have is: what type of jobs can I have if I have small children? I'm the most interested in hospital work, but from what I understand it's committment to a 12 hr shift, which basically means you have to work at night. Doctor's offices and home care don't interest me as much, because my understanding is that it's boring (is that true?). Could y'all tell me what you do, what your hours are like, what people in your position earn (don't have to tell me your personal salary) :). Also, please tell me if you have an associate's or BSN, because I'm trying to decide which one to go for (I already have another BS, so could do accelerated BSN). Thanks in advance!