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  1. erenamonichka

    Tampa Bay CNA Courses - Evening and/or Weekend?

    Check new papers so many CNA courses at nigth and on the weekend, i wnt to Medical Prep of Pinellas call them727-768-3633, the have nigth and weekend and only 250$ one week or 2 weeks program, also www.medicalprepofpinellasinc.com Good luck, maybe this help
  2. erenamonichka

    CNA Schedules

    Part time its mean saturday and sunday(12+12Hours),that how my friend work and go to shool, i am going to do same soon.
  3. erenamonichka

    CNA Schools

    Hi, i just finish Medical Prep of Pinellas training, it cost me 250$+25 CPR, like we have told we need to have CPR, its take only 2 hours to do it, very quick program 5days or 2 wekends, but you have to study on your own to keep up, especialy with Skill, if you don't practice at home you will not pass, I received aplication for florida Board Exam 165$ need to pay and sent it out ,then i have to waite for time and day, but instructor told that we can apply for job with out license, he give us Certificate that we finish training, Nursing home will be hire you with out up to 120days after you need pass exam, i guess since you will start working you will get those skill expirience, good luck, if you need more info let me know good luck.O i forgot after you work 3 month you can ask for money reimburse for the course and exam, this is Florida Law.
  4. erenamonichka

    A'S or LPN certificate?

    I know defenetly you will, how old are you? If we can learn English, we can learn anything, is any americal learn forein language and speek fluently? Just prepare your self, if you have time untill you start school in January 2009, buy books as Medical terminology" first will help you a lot, start study Pharmacology, just start upfront that you have more time in College to understand medical language, do you think american was born with medical terminilogy, i don't think so, watch discoveryhealth and see how many famous doctors there with ESL language. And don't be an hurry, take it easy with step don't jump to BSN, step buy step lpn.....DSn and go, Good luck, I will go too in Fall 2009 for LPN and i am 46, my English second language and I already got Assosiate Degree in Computer Sience.Computer terminology hard was too for me 10 years ago, good luck, take care, chin- up you'll get it. thanks for reading:jester:
  5. erenamonichka

    Sheridan Tech- Hollywood

    If not secret, what name of the school BCC for RN that you attend with low cost tuition?I red your post and i would like to try same way like you did, without LPN courses, thanks in advance.
  6. erenamonichka

    keiser crowd!

    How much at Keiser in Orlando Tuition for RN (2 years), i am from St.Pete, we have too Keiser Nursing program, I sent them my request info 3 days ago, will see what happen. thanks in advance.And i went already to Galen Nursing School very expensive 35.000 $ 2 years RN, LPN- 17.000
  7. erenamonichka

    I started LPN school today!

    I apply for Galen Nursing school in St.Pete, Florida for August. and what i want to tell thank you so much for details of your:yeah: first day in School LPN, i can not waite to start.
  8. erenamonichka

    Can you help me to choose right unexpensive LPN school.

    Thanks for response, I'll try whatever it takes, Actualy i have AA degree in Cnet from TTI, PTEC might be accept AA degree without test, my friend just stated LPN in PTEC and she told me ,next course for LPN in November, so i have plenty of time, i am still checking if i can handle go to RN w:banghead:ithout LPN courses, is this posible, thanks for your help ema
  9. I am looking for Nursing school in Tampabay area? Can you help me to choose who already went to nursing school, I don't have much time to waite in line in St.Pete College or PTEC, thanks, Please.............. ema
  10. erenamonichka

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    Hi, I am 46 and am going to LPN school soon, that was my dream 12 years ago, i was working in Norsing home that time as CNA, after that i gradualte AA dergee in Computer and got sick an tired sitting on computer all days, I am back to LPN. Never is too later if you still can learn, Good luck erena