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  1. "It's a Family Affair....."

    Anyone else noting a trend of the last say 5-10 years of folks bringing in the extended family, or even the whole block while visiting the ER? And it is usually goes, the more silly or stupid the reason of the visit, the more visitors in attendance....
  2. How can I tell if they're trauma shears?

    If you loan them out and they don't get returned, chances are they WERE trauma shears!!
  3. What Are THE Major Pediatric ER Points

    Other posters are giving great tips, another aspect to think about is the visitor dynamics are a bit different. Parents can be very tricky to deal with, not only do you have to win over the confidence of the patient but the parents too. Some can be ...
  4. It Frustrates Me

    Sorry to contribute to an old thread, and many have already ointed out the OP faulty rationale/arguement. I just want to point out that the OP's is also wrong in the fact that he never even considers the patient's comfort level. I higly doubt the 19 ...
  5. Male Nurse, Female issues?

    It reminds me of what a wise man once told me..... 'What are the three words a woman yearns to hear from a man?" -It's not "I love you" It's "Tell Me More"
  6. Post Arrival Gait Disturbance Syndrome(PAGDS)

    We can call this "Post Admission Dependency Syndrome" (PADS) or "Post Admission Helplessness Syndrome" (PAHS)
  7. What's your Kryptonite?

    TRACH BREATH!!!! Not the sputum or crusties, it's that warm, moist, humid sensation. If you suction someone, and the breath hits your forearm, it feels like it goes right thru my arm, washing doesn't help, it's a deepseated feeling. I gown up whenev...
  8. Post Arrival Gait Disturbance Syndrome(PAGDS)

    I came up with this one a few months ago while sitting in triage. From the triage desk, I can see out into the parking lot. I can see people getting out of their vehicles. It is soooo funny to see folks walking (briskly) without a limp until they com...
  9. ED safety... Bit of a rant

    Keep calling the local PD for any potential/actual problems. Once the PD responds to a few calls, they will certainly say something to the administration fo your hospital. Plus, your call will be logged and recorded, God forbid someone gets hurt and...
  10. What would you change about Nursing to make it better?

    Wrong on the BSN theory. Nursing went downhill once the diploma schools started closing. A few classes in art history or ukranian egg decorating does not make you a better nurse. And the theory of having a BSN will improve the image of nursing is ...
  11. medication refusal

    I think standing orders for agitation will be going by the wayside soon as medication is deemed a form of restraint (by JCAHO) and thus will fall under the same guidelines of restraints---meaning no PRN restraints orders are allowed. Sad but true.
  12. allnurses or allSTUDENTnurses?

    I've browsed thru this sight from time to time over the past many years, and I noticed that the majority of posters are students or people looking to go into the profession. I want to emphasis THAT THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT or a gripe, just an observat...
  13. Patient Safety: We could be the killer!

    Not sure where you are going with this article. It was difficult to follow, not sure if it is a grammar issue, or more likely a language barrier? Some of the sentences do not make sense. Obviously fill out the appropriate paperwork. Sometimes good th...
  14. Narcan

    I'd go with the new onset of Scizo disease. Classic case, most present during college years, hits high functioning kids in college. Bizarre behavior, multiple trips to the ER etc.... A little detective work may have helped--since she was recently ...
  15. WWYD?

    Bizarre since most PMDs get results from the lab on a daily basis. How does this Doctor handle his outpt. lab draws? I know the DON is overreacting, but someone needs to address this particular MD/DO.