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  1. Is it easier to get your Rn by getting your LVN first.

    Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep this all in mind. I am wondering where you are located? it seems your area uses more LVNs and is set up better to do the training as an LVN first. Scotersuz
  2. I just need one more class for my LVN Pre reqs and will need to take it this summer online. I am in California but I dont mind paying for out of state units as long as I get the class done this summer. I am in over my head with classes this spring w...
  3. I just spoke to the woman in charge of the wait list for the Shasta College Nursing program in Redding and they now have over 260 people on the wait list on their program. She said it was a four year wait and had jumped from 2.5 years to 4 years in t...
  4. I am a 46 yr old single mom of two year old twins and I am wondering if it is kinder and gentler to get your RN by first doing your LVN and then doing the RN bridge step up program. I am interested in doing this also because of the lengthy wait list...
  5. CNA programs

    I am not aware of any but I too am looking for a CNA program that is shorter or on weekend or nights so that I do not need to take a whole semester of school time to do the course. I am in Santa Barbara and was hoping for something within an hour or ...
  6. Drowning in chemistry

    I am actually in a similar situation but without the stress of an ailing father. I am a 46 year old single mom to 22 month old twins and am going to school fulltime with 12 units and working part time. I did not do the math that was suggested... Alge...
  7. Can you get student loans after a Bankruptcy

    I Agree , Of Course, I Would Not Make Any Decisions Without Talking To An Attorney Which I Have Done On Two Different Occasions With Two Different Attorneys. The Next Time I Talk To Them They Will Charge Me So It Is Nice To Get Some Ideas From Other...
  8. Can you get student loans after a Bankruptcy

    Thanks So Much For All The Feed Back. I Have Not Done Anything Yet. I Certainly Helps Me Get An Idea Of What Some People Went Through. There Are No Wages To Garnish But My New Question Is Does Anyone Know If They Can Withhold Or Take Student Aid Amo...
  9. How hard is Chemistry if you are not good in math?

    Thanks for all of your support. I am wondering if anyone has any good pod casts for chemistry that I could listen to as well?? Scootersuz
  10. I have taken A & P and am in Chemistry starting next week. My math skills are poor and I need help with pre algebra level math. Am I doomed in Chemistry?? How much of it depends on your math skills. I want to take it this semester because I am 46...
  11. Can you get student loans after a Bankruptcy

    I just wanted to thank everyone for your input. It has really put me at ease that there is some hope out there.. although not absolute....... a chance at anything puts me at ease. Thank you, Thank you Suzie
  12. how long is typical wait list for shasta college

    Thanks for the info. Do you know what the criteria are that determines your place on the waitlist. I just talked to the counselor last week and she did not mention that to me. Any ideas??
  13. Unassisted birth on GMA this morning!?

    Ok I have to add my two cents worth here. I wanted to have a home birth with a mid wife. I was pregnant with twins and the pg went perfect. My girls were in the head down position, ready to go but I developed Pre-eclampsia quickly at the end. My bloo...
  14. Does anyone know or have some experience of applying to Shasta College in Redding and getting In. They say the wait list is three years. Is that really the case? I am from Redding and would move back to go to nursing school and work there. I am a s...
  15. Can you get student loans after a Bankruptcy

    Thanks so much for the advice. I have never been in this situation before and I always had excellent credit but with the housing market and the economy the way it is and the fact that I am a single mom of twins, I have been on a downhill slide lately...