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  1. nicnix

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am new to home health nursing and your tips are very helpful.
  2. nicnix

    Leaving Nursing...

    I understand how you feel. I am an RN and i just recently posted a thread on how to be assertive when dealing with doctors. The doctors make a my life a living hell. That is the reason I left hospital nursing and went into home health. Home Health is easier because you have a lot of autonomy. You are practically your own supervisor. You must however speak with doctors on a regular basis and for me that is the hardest part. You know nursing is not for everybody. I think most of us stay in it because it pays well. Not because we feel like it is a rewarding career. To be honest, most of us are so beat up how can you feel rewarded. If you have had enough then by all means do what is best for you. You know, you can always return to nursing if your new job does not work out. So I guess you have nothing to loose. GOOD LUCK:mad:
  3. I have been a RN for 4 years now. You would think by now I would be comfortable with speaking with physicians. But I am not. I hate speaking to physicians because they are so disrespectful. They talk to nurses like we are scum. It bothers me so much that I get nervous before I call them and most of the time I don't say everything that I intended on saying. I have thought about leaving nursing over this issue. Can anyone offer any advice?