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  1. Going bonkers!!!!

    Trust your intuition, sometimes we find ourselves wandering down a narrow, dangerous path....Keep your head up and dont ever give up! Maybe this is'nt the right place for you, keep looking and be positive!
  2. Ancora Psych Hospital

    Hi Holly 123, Keep in mind: Your safety is the main priority in any situation-I went through orientation and decided it was not the place for me. I realized how important it is to trust your intuition.
  3. I give up!

    Never give up! Apply in person, get the HR managers name and number and follow up weekly. Consider a professional resume service....Volunteer, network...join the medical reserve corps. Good luck!
  4. I got second interview!!! now what?

    Relax, remember its just a conversation. It may help to write down some responces to common type questions: how do you handle conflict with a coworker, why are you interested in this area of nursing...ect Its always good to make a statement, and prov...
  5. Scared at new job in psychiatric hospital

    thanks merlyn, i will look into clinics in my area. I have been applying to private hospitals since I graduated in 2010 with no luck. I was planning on sticking it out at the state psych hospital for the experience, but decided it was not a good envi...
  6. Psych Nursing Opportunities

    Any suggestions on mental health opportunities besides state psychiatric hospitals? I am interested in mental health. Most recently I resigned from a state hostial for safety/staffing issues. Thanks!
  7. Scared at new job in psychiatric hospital

    any suggestions for psych jobs other than state hospitals?
  8. Scared at new job in psychiatric hospital

    I also went through orientation at a State Psych Hospital, along the way, I weighed out the pros and cons. I finally decided that it was in my best interest to leave. Safety is number one priority. Good luck to you making your decision.
  9. Scared at new job in psychiatric hospital

    Thanks for sharing your insight, I agree the patients are very dangerous and safety is an issue because staffing is horrible. I've been in orientation at state psych hospital for 5 weeks now. I am apprehensive and have been contemplating the pros and...
  10. Ancora Psychiatric Hospital

    Wondering if any RN"S are currently employed at ancora....what shifts do you work? Do they offer per diem? Are they still on a hiring freeze?
  11. New RN salary in Doctor's Offices

    is it all about the pay? i work at a state institution working with developmentally disabled pts, i have been in volatile situations, i have been hit, spit on, kicked, punched.....i float - often i must cover various assigments and work with unfamili...
  12. Newer nurse to DD/MR nursing

    Any advise for an RN currently employed at a state institution working with DD/Psych pts looking to get out of the institution - what options are there? I noticed a few of you work in Group Homes - how do you go about finding that type of employment?...
  13. Totally Frustrated

    When you mentioned the Direct Care Staff work under your license - if something happens to an individual, for example they develop pressure ulcers because they are not turned/they have unreported skin abrasions and an infection develops - who is liab...
  14. Psych Nurse Practitioner

    Hello? any advice? Im currently enrolled in a BSN program and hope to work toward becoming a Psych Nurse Practitioner in NJ. Thanks!
  15. New Grad RN in LTC, what can I do?

    As a new nurse I was horrified at what I encountered after a few weeks on orientating to a LTC 'skilled' nursing unit. I quit because I could not provide the quality of care I feel obligated to provide (3-11 shift with 30 pts with meds, tx, wound car...