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  1. LTinAK

    FNP thinking about joining the military

    Hi- I'm an FNP in the Air Force now, let me know if you have any questions! If you google "military pay chart" (or something similar) you would be able to figure out pay. If you have a DNP (which is what they are looking for now) you would come in as an 0-3 (Capt). There is also Board Certification Pay, which is $500 extra a month. There are also contracts you can sign (certain # years for $$) but I don't know about those since I did HPSP. Seriously though, a recruiter can be an excellent source of information, although I understand your reluctance to do so. Good luck!
  2. Hi All- I am trying to find an answer about NPs on Active Duty in the military, and wanted to check here. I know for RNs, it doesn't matter which state you are licensed in, as long as you are, when you are on AD. How does this work for NPs that are licensed in a state with Collaborative Practice? Does it matter? I called the Board of Nursing in my state, and was told "state regulations do not supercede federal regulations, and I should ask my employer". I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this matter, and I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you!
  3. I'm guessing yours are the closed toe kind? If so, my post won't be very useful, but I do have a trick for the open toe kind. After you open the bag, but the bag over the patient's toes, and then the hose slides over their foot much easier. After you get the hose in place, remove the plastic bag by pulling it out the toe hole.
  4. LTinAK

    Take my survey for Statistics class please!

    1. No 2. 11 - 15 years 3. 30 - 39 4. female 5. BSN
  5. LTinAK

    Navy Corpsmen Caught

    Hi Morte, No, you would not need a local license. As long as you are Active Duty your license can be from any state, and it doesn't matter where you are stationed at. I was stationed in Mississippi and Washington working at the hospitals, all with an Alaska RN license :-)
  6. LTinAK

    Capstone - what do you think?

    Hi Jules, I'm in the same boat as you right now! Just wanted to offer that at my school, they highly recommend process improvement projects for the DNP students and their Capstone. It sounds like you have received some excellent suggestions, good luck!
  7. LTinAK

    CRNA: Benefits to Joining Military VS. Civilian

    Hi teodoroc, While I cannot speak to the money you would make on Active Duty, I know a lot of AD physicians and Nurse Practitioners joined through the HPSP. The HPSP pays for 100% of your education, and gives you a monthly stipend while you are in graduate school. You are on AD for 45 days per year, and get paid at an 01 for those days. Its a great way to have no debt for your schooling, and then you are guaranteed the experience you will get paying back that education by serving AD, which is one-for-one. Meaning, if they pay for 3 years of school, you own them three years of AD. Getting your advanced degree with zero debt might be something to consider when determining if it is worth it financially. Good luck!
  8. LTinAK

    Interview issues

    I just read your post, and I wanted to reply. Recently I attended a lecture where interview skills were addressed, specifically how to answer the question about weaknesses. The speaker said to identify an area that you would like to work on, and then identify how you are working to improve that area in the next year. The idea is to show you can reflect honestly on your weaknesses, and that you have a plan on how to make improvements. In my mind, this really helped make the question easy to answer. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  9. LTinAK

    How does a new grad RN get experience

    I haven't logged in to my account in a while, but when I saw this post I had to respond. Do you have any CAH (Critical Access Hospital)s around you? I had never heard of a CAH until I moved to Kansas. And they have quite a few new grads working there. Some even drive from bigger cities (to the little city) just for that one year of experience. You could Google CAH and see what comes up. In my experience, some didn't even have websites, but there was a phone number to call. Just my two cents, and maybe it will help someone out there!
  10. LTinAK

    WHNPs in the military? Army?

    hi all- i was just wondering about the army's utilization of nurse practitioners. what ones do they recognize? what branches use whnps? thanks all in advance.