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  1. noneil680

    Where do you do your CNA clinicals at

    I am pretty sure that ALL cna classes have their clinicals at nursing homes. Only makes sense since thats pretty mcuh where all cna's end up working after school. I am finishing it right now and have hated every minute of it lol hope your experience at the nursing home is better than mine :)
  2. noneil680

    question about lvns working in doctor's offices

    Oh awesome! Thanks! I am new to this, so I really have no idea what I am doing on here :)
  3. So, my question is I would LOVE to work at a family clinic or physician's office. I really dont have a desire to work at a hospital, so would I be better off going for my lvn or rn? I am not sure exacly if rns or lvns mostly work where I am interested???? Thanks in advance for the help and reading this :) Nikki:heartbeat p.s. I live in southern cali, if it makes a difference
  4. noneil680

    private nursing schools in california

    Hey there! Please correct me if I am wrong, but I was told that Maric college doesn't offer credit for your nursing courses....so if you plan to go back to get your bachelors degree, you wont be able to since those classes at Maric cant transfer and are not credits?? I know I want my bachelors degree, so Maric is not an option if what I was told is true
  5. Hi! Yeah, I was referring to northern california where the pay is good. Southern CA is where pay isn't so good. I live in southern CA (Temecula) its like 45 minutes north
  6. You could research it online. When you look into CA salary, it says it is roughly $55,000. MA is $77,000 and it is cheaper to live there! I am originally from there so I know. It seems the only places to get good pay in CA is to move to like San Fran where it is sooooooooooooo expensive to live
  7. noneil680

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    From what I have been researching, CA has really low pay rate! It seems the only places to get good pay like $37-$47, are like San Fran where the cost of living is ridiculously expensive. I could be wrong, this is just what I have been hearing from actual RN's in my area (Temecula, San Diego) Nikki
  8. noneil680

    I am buyng my scrubs yeahh!!!

    Wow! That is crazy! I think through a normal semester it would be 160 hours eac h class, so I think I would rather go through your route to save time, but that will be an insane schedule!! Good luck! You will be fine Nikki
  9. Hey there! Does anyone know the starting rate for recent grads in Temecula area? (southern ca)????? I have no idea!! I heard like $28, not sure how true that is. I do know that CA has the lowest pay rates for nurses, which is weird since CA is so expensive you think they would make mroe than other states! My friend lives in MA and she makes $41 an hour, lucky her huh? And cost of living is a lil cheaper then CA! Thanks guys for the help
  10. noneil680

    When's the best time to apply?

    Thanks for all the info girls!!
  11. I thought that you had to be an RN for 2 years before you can start an actual NP program, have I been misinformed?
  12. noneil680

    Is any one familiar with Meric College in San Diego?

    Hello! I live in Temecula, and was considering going to Maric at one point. However, as soon as I found out that you dont get credit for the courses, I quickly decided not to! If you wanted to go back to school in the future for a bachelors or masters degree, none of your classes would transfer so you wouldn't be able to if you went to maric!!!! And from what I keep hearing from people in this area, is that it is much easier to get a job if you have a bachelors versus an associates which is what Maric offers. Also, for the price that you pay there, you should be getting a lot more!!! Isn't it close to $30,000? And thats only for an associates degree (which you can get at a community college for a few thousand dollars) and for classes that cant even transfer or get credit for! Please take all of these factors into consideration! I know you just want to start right away, but there are some things to think about before jumping in. Where abouts to you live? Maybe I can help you find a community college, I have looked at several!! Nikki
  13. noneil680

    Anyone getting ready to apply for Fall 2009?

    I am currently in a CNA class, although ours is a full standard semster of 4 months! If I could go back in time, I would not have taken this class. I thought the same thing, that it would help me get some experience, but it didn't! Our clinicals are obviously at a LTCF and all you do there is change diapers, baths, showering, pretty much all it is personal care. I was expecting clinicals to be in hospitals so I could really get some significant experience (although now I realize that wouldn't make much sense for schools to do that because of what the job entails.) I regret it completly and dred going to clinicals. I really do not enjoy being a CNA and doubt that I will even waste my $90 dollars to become certified at the end of the semester! Again, everyone is different but I found this class to be a complete waste of time! And CNA's have horrible job! I love the personal contact, spending time with the pt's, talking to them, giving back rubs, making them laugh, ect., but cleaning up urine and feces ALL DAY is not fun ....I would have dropped from this, but didn't want to get a W on my transcript. I wish that I would have taken this time to work and save money to actually pay for RN school! This is my opinion, but felt I should share! Nikki
  14. noneil680

    I am buyng my scrubs yeahh!!!

    I second that! I had to take A&P 101 then A&P 102 then micro! Thats a total of 3 semester, and since each semester is roughly 4 months, thats a long time!! Crazy!
  15. noneil680

    When's the best time to apply?

    Hello there! I was just wondering how you find out if your state allows you to work as a GN? I live in southern california and this is the first of me hearing about this. Thanks for the help and reading this post!! Nikki
  16. noneil680

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    hello there!!! I live in Temecula, do you have any idea what the starting pay is in my area? I would appreciate any info. because I have no idea Thanks!!! p.s. I was thinking about working at San Diego Children's hospital because I think the pay would be more than in Temecula/Murrieta Nikki