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  1. wellhereiam

    POLL: How far in debt will you be???

    ~$25,000 for 5 years of education, including inflation, but not gas prices.
  2. wellhereiam


    I feel the same way. I posted something earlier about this: https://allnurses.com/forums/f50/quit-nursing-school-297292.html
  3. wellhereiam

    How did you find a summer job?

    How did you get that job?
  4. wellhereiam

    How did you find a summer job?

    Well, I guess it's too late now since it's the middle of summer, but how did you find your job? I've filled out so many applications and done some interviews, but no dice! I've went to HR in hospitals and even regular stores to talk to them directly, but still, they either say that no positions are available, I fill out an app and get no callback, I do an interview and get no callback. I must have a terrible personality. blah. ha ha it's kind of funny because last year, I had no trouble finding jobs and actually did 3 at once. I can't go back to those though because the companies actually all moved (wow what luck for me). I've asked friends and they can't find jobs either, or they do but it's nothing related to my field. I've called my supervisors, and all they recommend is commuting to work for them (which I won't). Uggh... I want to do something this summer because i feel so useless. I guess I'll volunteer for something-- ANYTHING! It's already halfway through summer though... I can't continue volunteer/work while school is goign on. poop.
  5. No, definitely not. Once you start nursing school, you'll be begging for breaks. I love every minute of this. Around mid-year, I became sleep deprived almost every day we had school or clinicals. I can't believe I get to sleep 8 hours now! WOOOOW. Enjoy the time. You will miss it so much. If you really want, re-read anat and phys. Don't start early on NS subjects; you'll probably just confuse yourself. Review A&P, fluids and electrolytes, and you'll be good.
  6. wellhereiam

    Clinicals with no sleep

    Hi, I'm in a BSN program-- one of the best in the state. In our program, we're supposed to go the evening or night before clinical to collect patient data. Then we spend almost all night writing the care plan/prep info with patient data, medical diagnoses, pathophysiologies, s/s, medical surgical nursing dietary interventions, medications (5 rights plus side effects, what to assess for ie BP, class, etc) , patient labs normal labs and what they mean, diagnostic tests (explain the procedure, write what to expect, write patient's outcome), and the care plan assessment. This is due the following morning at 0600 am. It can be as little as 8 pages or as long as 20, depending on how many tests, labs, diagnoses, etc the patient has. These take me around 6-8 hours, pretty much all night. Many of my classmates don't sleep. Some do sleep by 10pm, but I don't know the quality of their paper. We have clinicals twice a week, so this is twice a week. Then after each clinical day, we turn in a packet filled with patient assessment data which consists of information for all 12 systems. Then we write about the nursing diagnoses and interventions we used, the expected outcomes, etc. This takes me about 3-4 hours and it is due the next clinical day. Yep, I pretty much slept about 2-5 hours nights before clinicals; i woudn't feel sleepy in the morning, but I knwo I wouldn't be able to think clearly. If the patient was discharged, we pick someone with a similar diagnosis. I hated these nights; dreaded them. I often fell asleep in class! But I got by. Nobody died. It sucks major though. What are you supposed to fill out within those 30 pages?
  7. wellhereiam

    anybody used to teach?

    Anybody out there who used to teach, but switched to nursing? I have some questions because I have been interested in teaching too: 1) What did you teach (ie elementary, hs science, middle school history,etc)? 2)why did you switch to nursing? 3) Do you recommend teaching? 4) What state are you in? 5) What are some of the negatives/challenges and positives of teaching. Thanks for your help.
  8. wellhereiam

    Quit nursing school?

    I know this is kind of late. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for actually taking the time to read and respond. I will talk to a counselor and just get through this quarter. No need to worry about patient harm. I am still careful not to do anything stupid. I haven't made any serious life threatening mistakes yet; I'm just apathetic or sad. I don't know, but gah just a couple more weeks.
  9. wellhereiam

    Quit nursing school?

    Thanks. The problem is, I don't know what will make me happy. Another thing: I suck at time management. The list goes on and on. Sometimes I hate working by myself, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable working with people. I'm weird.
  10. wellhereiam

    Quit nursing school?

    hi. i'm finishing my first year of nursing school. i'm not sure if i like it or not. i originally got into nursing because my parents wanted me too, but i was also interested in the subject and patient care. i don't think nursing is right for me. btw, i'm in the rn program. most of my instructors are excellent. i have great clinical instructors. here are my concerns. if anyone can help me, thanks. 1) i ace my classes. i’m book smart, but i suck with common sense in clinicals! i think it’s because i lack a lot of experience. i didn’t even know how to change a diaper until this year! l i won’t mention all the dumb mistakes (really dumb common sense errors) here or else i might be identified. i don’t know what to do in a lot of situations, but of course i won’t know what i don’t know until it happens. then i feel really stupid. 2) i make a lot of stupid errors. i still forget to id patients even though i constantly remind myself to. i think it’s because i work with the same patient all day, so i forget to id them for new procedures. i check the patient information for food and procedures outside of the room, but when i bring it into the room, i forget to id them. 3) i stopped caring. right now, 25% of the time, i love being in clinicals. 75% of the time, i hate it. i don’t know why i stopped caring, but my patients deserve better. i just get through the day now. what i like about clinicals is patient teaching, documenting (weird huh?), and physical assessments. what i hate is giving meds (afraid of errors. i do enjoy learning about meds though!); i think wounds are interesting (ie stage 4 ulcers), but really dry cracked stage 1 or 2 ulcers creep me out (weird again?)! 4) because i stopped caring, i’ll probably make an error and get into a lawsuit. i bet i’ll worry about a possible lawsuit every day of my life. 5) i always feel overwhelmed with information. i used to study so hard, but weeks later, and i forget the information. now i’m slacking off like crazy. i just lost all motivation. 6) i’m afraid of infectious diseases. i can’t remember all the microorganisms and which precautions for what. also, i know this sounds bad, but i’m actually afraid to work with aids patients. originally, i didn’t mind, but now i keep finding random cuts on my hands and arms… 7) i’m shy. i’m always nervous. i hide it, but it shows during emergencies. i’m not good with emergency situations. i guess all that indoor studying made me not have good people person skills. i’m not very social anymore. 8) i think i’m the slowest “skills” learner in my class. i mean, with 3 new skills every day, i never master the previous skills! i practice, but one two weeks later, i forget! 9) i was pretty spoiled as a kid. i don’t even know how to take the bus. therefore, it’s hard for me to be independent now. i’m really trying. (feel free to hate me over being spoiled. i would to, if i were you). i think i’d make a terrible nurse. i don’t know if i would feel this way if i were in other majors. i probably would because of low self-esteem and confidence. i don’t know what else i’d pursue. i was pretty good at every subject (except science. i sucked at science until i found a passion in it in college. i still think i’m only ok at it) in elementary to high school, but i never pursued one subject to be great at it. so i consider myself an average person now. i think i spent most of my time indoors reading. now i’m that weird anti-social awkward kid. i don’t know what to do… i really hate clinicals. i suck and lack confidence. i don’t know if i should waste my time and money with 2 more years or quit now and try something else. how often did you think of quitting? do you know anyone that quit? what did they end up doing? i think of quitting every day. that bad. such a shame though. i used to be a bright kid. my school has a good nursing program and is well known for 2 other majors, but it sucks in everything else. if i quit nursing, i’ll feel stuck with a crappy degree from a crappy school. any suggestions? i have not talked to my parents about this. they do not want to hear it (really). my friends outside of the major don’t understand and tell me they think the major’s easy. thanks for reading.
  11. wellhereiam

    are they supposed to know this by now?

    Our school doesn't learn how to "spike IV's" (I'm not really sure what that means. Insert an IV, right?) until second year. At least, I know we don't do something with IV's until our second year. Year one: First quarter is basic skills (AM care, take blood pressure, get urine sample, etc); Second quarter is assesssments; Third quarter is meds. I don't know the exact sequence of second year, but that's how our school goes.