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  1. Eagle3239

    Nutrition....Spring 2008

    I'm taking Nutrition on line as well and from the look of the syllabus the entire grade is based on only two exams! This should be fun. Brandy
  2. Eagle3239

    AP I Summer '08 - I need some study online buddies!!!

    God Bless you! My BFF just took AP1, Psy & Soc together in a regular semester and it almost ate her lunch. She is very intelligent and very disciplined. Now she also is a single mother of a two yr old so depending on your situation it might work for you. Good luck!!!!
  3. Eagle3239

    AP I Summer '08 - I need some study online buddies!!!

    Count me in too! I start at Houston Community College online A&P1 AND Growth and Development June 2nd. I bought my book about 1 month ago and have already started studying the first couple of chapters. It is going to be aLOT of information that is for sure.
  4. Eagle3239

    TEXAS RN's: Is HESI harder than NCLEX?

    Forgive my ignorance, but I thought the HESI was the test you take prior to being accepted into nursing school and the NCLEX was the state boards...is that not correct?
  5. Eagle3239

    Age question

    Sandy: I'm 37 and I just graduated last May with my Associates in Arts. Now I've decided I want to get into nursing so I'm starting again. You are NEVER to old to educate yourself and improve your life. Quite frankly I think we have an advantage by going to school later in life. It means so much more to me now than it would have in my early 20s for so many reasons. The least of which is because I'm paying for it out of my own pocket. I say Good luck and God bless!
  6. Eagle3239

    A&P Summer 2008

    Thanks for that site. I briefly reviewed it and I was proud to say I was already doing well. Hopefully by the time I start the class in June I'll have everything down pat.
  7. Eagle3239

    A&P Summer 2008

    I'm taking A&P1 this Summer also, along with Growth and Development and PE. I've already ordered the text book and started flash cards and studying at least one hour every other night. I'm taking an online class with Saturday morning lab. My best friend is taking the same class and professor now so that is a HUGE help to me in knowing exactly what to focus my study time on. I am surrounded by friends and family that are nurses already and all have said that it is a matter of taking the time daily to focus and study. So that is what we have to do. :) Good luck!:wink2: