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married with a beautiful 18 month old daughter. currently in school for my associates degree. afterwards working on my BSN and MSN. in the end i hope to become a NP in women's health...and have 3 more kids and live happily ever after =)

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  1. e_zapanta

    nursing school and marriage

    im only 20 and my husband and i have only been married for two years. i heard lots of horror stories of nursing school and marriage and how both can be negatively affected. can anyone shed some light?
  2. e_zapanta

    Seeking Info From The Np's Out There!

    Hellllo! Right Now I'm In An Adn Program And I Plan On Continuing To Get My Bsn And Msn. I Was Just Seeking Some Advice From Experienced Np's About Anything And Everything About How I Could Reach My Goal To Become A Np Myself. Any Advice And Information Is Welcomed! Thank You!
  3. e_zapanta

    I Want To Become An Ob/gyn Np! Help!

    Right Now Im In School For My Associates Degree And Im Hoping To Continue For My Bsn And Msn To Become An Ob/gyn Nurse Practitioner. I Have A Few Questions! 1. Is This A Wise Move To Make? 2. How Much Experience Should I Gain As An Rn Before I Move Onto Becoming A Np? 3. How Many Years Of Schooling Am I Looking At? Also, I Was Planning On Continuing My Education At University Of Phoenix. Has Anyone Gone There? Please Let Me Know!