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  1. Napermom are you there? We are missing you for our night out.
  2. Hey. Ak I'll find you when I get home and everyone else I got a group going and I'll add you to it if not in it already.
  3. Where did you send the info?
  4. You got it chicagoing!!! I didnt even know about that feature till today. I guess I am a little slow!!!
  5. AK11, Napermom, Chicagoing... we are missing you guys!!! Send me your info via pm. And anyone else wanting to come celebrate or talk!
  6. Others that didn't make it either or waitlisted should come too!
  7. RscodADN10

    would these grades get me into an adn program?

    All I can say is grades aren't everything so don't fret. I had a decent gpa and I got in. At my school they look at alot of things. So please don't get down now or ever!! You know you are great so keep your head up!!!! So if I was you I'd research all the schools you are applying to and get the feel for what they are looking for , for sure. Good luck!
  8. Facebook sounds like a winner. So if you are in send me info to find you. ))))) I can taste the saki now.
  9. Sorry OP, I am not jealous of you or ivy league schools. Your attitude really stinks and if that's what your grand education has taught you, I chose a community college anyday.
  10. I was thinking the same. Is email better or Facebook or I'm? What does everyone think?
  11. Ok guys. From what I gather Sunday's work for the people who have posted. The great part is that Shinto in Naperville has a special on drinks and sushi. http://www.shintoexperience.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=58&z=6 So if everyone can make it we can chose the Sunday.
  12. Well we have to all go. So lets keep posting until we can meet up. I'm pretty open just need some notice to talk to the man!
  13. I can meet later tonight if that works for you guys!
  14. Ok, I am back in the state!!!! So what's the game plan we meeting up or what??? Because I feel left out of the loop and have questions about the acceptance.
  15. RscodADN10

    COD fall 2011 ADN program

    I guess I should be counting my blessings!!! I got a score of 22 points I Believe. I have a 3.3 gpa and a 121 in the pax. I am sorry for those who didn't make it in. If I was you I'd find out why from someone. It's all speculation based on all the different acceptances and denials/alternates.