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  1. I think your right. That is why there will be negotiations before the agreement. for now, Philippine law says that only Filipinos nurses can only work in the Philippines but laws can change. just think positive everybody. :)
  2. justinrn, i can't send pm yet. can you email me or send me a pm. thank you! mod note, can not send pm's until you have 15 posts. can not post email address as per terms of service
  3. angelqwyncy

    Any Queensland Nurses here?

    same here....:nuke: i need it badly. since US will take too long, I applied for the QNC. Please help!
  4. angelqwyncy

    apllying for assesment

    yes. every week. but they always says that it will come out this week. does anybody knows how long will it take?
  5. angelqwyncy

    apllying for assesment

    does anybody knows if somebody got denied in the assessment program in the NSW? because I already passed my application last February to the nursing and midwives board and until now, there is no news. . and I'm scared that that I might get denied because it's taking too long. I graduated in the Philippines.
  6. angelqwyncy

    changing the CGFNS program

    i've already passed my requirements for the certification program last year but I decided to cancel it. Now I want to change my application to Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Course-by Course. will I send again all the requirements? I tried to email them but they don't respond. thank you!:nuke: