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  1. RNTadaaaa

    Medical documentation system not HIPPA compliant

    Thank you Old Dude. I think I'll do just that. I try not to be too much of a worry wart but sometimes it leaps out before I can grab it!
  2. RNTadaaaa

    Medical documentation system not HIPPA compliant

    Thanks! I appreciate that. I too think its ok for VP and Principal to have access. I didnt have alot of experience in a private school setting and so hearing that the system wasnt HIPPA compliant gave me some pause. Last school I worked in was public and our system was totally separate from the schools and FERPA rules applied differently.....somehow.
  3. RNTadaaaa

    Medical documentation system not HIPPA compliant

    I'm in an independent private school. (Sorry. I should've said that up front). No supervisor. My past experience and what I can glean from my state's nurse practice act dictates my policy for documentation, so I normally document everything. Previous nurse entered no documentation into this system and I never got to ask why. They do know and I don't have a problem with them having that access, I just needed to call and find out who did have access. All staff (the horror) vs just Principal, VP and Registrar.
  4. I just found out that the online system my school uses for entering attendance/medical/immunizations/etc is not HIPPA compliant due to the fact that they are not a covered entity and because the PHI stored on their server is considered Education Records. I have been writing student notes in the medical portion of this system. When I called customer support to find out who has access to medical info they said the Principal, VP and registrar. At my previous location all of our online documentation was HIPPA compliant and if access to notes were needed, they needed a subpoena. Not sure how to feel about whether to continue documenting on the online system or to begin documenting on paper forms instead and filing in student medical chart? What format do you use to chart? As an aside, who do you go to, to ask legal questions that come up over your nursing carreer?
  5. Whaaaaat! Telemedicine at school? That is awesome!
  6. So you know my pain huh? Good idea! I'll do the same and post my state law as well.
  7. This is how it should be! Thanks for responding. I hope my state lightens up on this soon.
  8. Ha! It all makes sense now! Thanks for responding!!
  9. I have had parents bring medication to the school so I can give it to their kids. I have to give my speech " According to state law and our student handbook, medications cannot be administered without an order from your health care pr......on and on. Am I missing something? I mean people are shocked....SHOCKED that a Nurse would need an order from a Health care provider to give medicine to the kiddos. It must be different state to state? I had a parent say "Even for TYLENOL?!?!?" Yes. Yes, even for that in my district. I need to lie down.