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  1. Student with DM2 on three day outdoor class

    They want the student to go.....however, it isn't that simple.
  2. I am in a private school. I am assessing whether a 6th grade student could be allowed to go on a 3 day outdoor class trip. No Nurse is present at the trip site. Parent does not want to chaperone. I would prefer and have requested a chaperone as the s...
  3. Dental day

    Awesome Idea!! Thank you!! I am going to look into this right away. (sorry it took so long to respond! Campus has a DOH immunization visit today ?)
  4. Dental day

    Helloooo! Happy New Year!! Last year I arranged for the local dental hygienist to come to talk about dental hygine for K-3. K-3 thought it was great. This year I'd like to expand and do a bit more. Does anyone have a dental day at school as well? An...
  5. Spacers: Do you order extra?

    You are just stating the facts. I see no grinching! ? The MD offices 'round these parts seem to send replies by horse and carriage. I can't seem to get timely responses else I'd jump on that!! Great idea Rubyjane! I didn't know anything about the to...
  6. Spacers: Do you order extra?

    That is such a great suggestion! Voila indeed!!
  7. Spacers: Do you order extra?

    That is my kind of pricing!! Than you JenTheSchoolRN!
  8. Spacers: Do you order extra?

    LOL! Yes! I haven't had to do that just yet but thank you for mentioning it! Also thank you for school nurse supply recommendation.
  9. Spacers: Do you order extra?

    I'm finding some of my Kinders with asthma have inhalers with no spacers. Unfortunately some parents do not seem to be able to afford them. Or Health care Providers don't order them....which....is a story for another day. I was surprised at the cos...
  10. Jeeezz! Thats terrible. Where's the filter on these middle schoolers? God forbid we dont have our sweet voice on one day and suddenly we have an administrative meeting with parents. ?
  11. My fellow Nurses, Thank you so much. I don't know why I let that statement get under my skin when I heard it. I have tweens living in my house, surely I know how irrational they can be!. ? Thank you for the experiences shared and encouragement. It r...
  12. @ruby_jane YES! I haven't been able to secure a time during the prep week staff meeting (that's a whole other story) but I am definitely going to do it this upcoming semester. I love that you have charts and metrics!! What do you use for charting? ...
  13. @MrNurse(x2) Thank you! I am sorry your staff is so unappreciative of your hard work. They're going to be shocked by the amount of things they will need to cover when you've moved on. @Cas1in72 Ilaughed out loud at "consider the source" !! So so ...
  14. Oh wait! I just saw this article right after I posted. ? https://allnurses.com/what-school-nurses-really-do-t554939/#.Xc6r4KQOEI0.link
  15. My son is in middle school at the K-8 where I work and he told me a couple of his classmates discussed that I don't do very much when they come to the medical room. I told him to ask if they could give specifics on things they would like to have done...