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  1. HathawayToGo

    RN job market in Connecticut

    Thank you to Start2 and SwampCat! I appreciate your help. I will check some of these out today.
  2. HathawayToGo

    RN job market in Connecticut

    Hello CT Nurses, I am presently a native NY'er working as an RN in Albuquerque, NM. I am anxious to make it back to the NY area and thinking about moving to CT. From what I have heard, it seems to be a more difficult to get nursing jobs now, compared to a few years ago. I'd like to know more about how nurses are doing in different parts of CT, and thought I would reach out for help through this site. I graduated Sept. 2009, and so far have worked in psychiatric nursing and now in an internal medicince, outpatient clinic. Any advice and info is much appreciated, thank you!
  3. HathawayToGo

    Please HELP! Where should I attend?

    Hi Lovinit, Glad you decided to check the website! Thank goodness, I am working! However, some of the difficulties I have found with my situation (going to a school that is not nationally accredited by the NLNAC) is that the Federal government, such as the VA, specifically states they want graduates from schools with NLNAC accred. Also, if I decide to continue my education, not all schools will recognize my degree if not accredited by certain organizations. It just seems that not all options are open because my school does not have the NLNAC accred.
  4. Hello and thank you for reading! I am a new nurse, graduated in September 2009. Before going to nursing school, I had an MA in psychology. As a new nurse looking for employment, I was lucky to start right into a specialty and I am now a psychiatric/pediatric nurse. However, I do want med surg experience. I have tried to get per diem work with no success, as it seems when hired for per diem work, the facilities want someone who already has experience and they are unwilling to provide training/orientation. Now, I am looking to change jobs altogether, in order to get a med surg position. I have applied to many jobs and have had a couple interviews, but no luck yet. So my questions are, "Can I, sort of, start over so that I can get med surg experience?" and "Could I be missing out on some jobs that might be offered to a new nurse, including orientation, because I am already working?". Also, d/t my education, I have already been able to achieve pay increases (yes, lucky me, I don't take that for granted). Could this also be affecting me being able to get another position and to being able to get oriented on another unit? Oh no, am I already being "pigeon holed" into a specialty? (I still like psychiatric nursing, but I want to be well rounded and have the chance to practice my med surg skills). How can I show that I would be an asset to a potential boss on a med surg floor who is willing to hire me? Thank you in advnce for your thoughts!
  5. Funny...I was just reading something about this today in a book I got, The Everything New Nurse Book. Of course, state and facility rules will differ, but this book says that if you are an "RN", only another RN can relieve you / cover for you. I also think you can be compensated if you are not taking your break.
  6. HathawayToGo

    Please HELP! Where should I attend?

    Hello and congratulations! I wanted to reply so that you don't fall into a trap that happened to me. Please make sure the program you choose is accreditaed by the NLNAC (not just the state BON). I went to Apollo College. I feel I obtained a good eduction and now I am an RN, but Apollo is not nationally accredited. When I asked about this, I was told it was (it is accredited as a college, but the nursing program is only in the process of getting nationally accredited). I am working, but there have been a few doors closed for me. you can check on your program at the NLNAC website. Good Luck!
  7. HathawayToGo

    Is this OK, when leaving my job?

    What a nice gesture! I did somethnig like this a fews years ago when I left a job (not nursing). I was able to get personalized key chains and pens for my supervisors and co-workers. They were meant as "thank you and good bye" gifts. The cost was about $10/person. Just an idea, of course, it depends on how much you want to spend.
  8. Hello Nursel56! Thank you also for your reply. I am new, and I think you are so right that I can make good use of my time now by really thinking about what is most important, and sticking to what I think is right and working on that. I do also have other nurses around me that seem to have some of the same ideas, and ideals, I have. Perhaps I will seek them out a it more for help.
  9. Hello Walk6miles and Monicanurse: Thank you, Thank you! for taking the time to reply with such thoughtful comments. I really do appreciate it and your comments have given me some good things to think about.
  10. HathawayToGo

    first job interview in Psych Hospital. Please help!!

    Hi! Congrats and good luck! I work in a psych unit as well and agree with the last post. I would also add a couple of things I have been asked: How do you handle appropriate boundaries? How would you provide education to a patient?
  11. I am not new to the work force, but I am new nurse. So far, I love being a nurse. Unfortuneatly, in my first job as a psychiatric nurse, I feel very discouraged. I see a lot of things I don't agree with, such as "soft" admissions to keep beds filled, and the lack of proper medical protocols on the psychiatric unit. I think it may be the institution, but my preceptor (who has 20 years experience and who I really like and admire) tells me this is the way it is everywhere, that healthcare is not good in general, etc. I struggle as I try to provide great care to patients in an environment that that does not seem conducive to doing things properly. Perhaps I am being too black and white and just need a reality check. I would really appreciate anyone's opinion about how it really is out there, considering the difficult work loads and the health care situation. Thank you.
  12. HathawayToGo

    i failed my nclex-pn yesterday...nurses please help!

    PS- Sorry, I thought you DID get your official results....Oh, give yourself a breather. Don't panic yet.....you may have passed!
  13. HathawayToGo

    i failed my nclex-pn yesterday...nurses please help!

    Hello, Sorry to hear the news that you did not pass the NCLEX. That is very difficult and discouraging. However, now for good news, you can take it again. I passed the first time, but not all my friends did. I kept studying with a friend who did not pass, and she passed second time around and is now working. Point is, the time went quick and even though I got my license before her, we both are presently nurses and working. So, this time for you is difficult. You can still be a nurse, will just take you a little longer. Here is a suggestion for you. Use a few study guides, not too many, don't overwhelm yourself! I liked the Sanuders and the "NCLEX 4000". Use the computer to take tests, because as you know now, the environment is similar to the actual test. Take a test (perhaps 75 questions) using all categories to find out your weaknesses and strenghts. Then use the study guides, even school notes to review your weak spots. Use the study guide in test mode at least once a week to gage your progress and keep gearing your studying towards your weak points. Also, keep in touch with your nursing school buddies and ask for help! We all know how difficult it is, and we need to help each other. Hope this helps you and good luck!
  14. HathawayToGo

    I'm 39 and want to become a nurse.

    Hello! I left a federal job with a nice salary after 17 years, to return to school for nursing. I became very unhappy in my old job and as I thought of what else I could do, all roads pointed to nursing. It sounds like you are putting a lot of thought into your decision, so you will make the right choice! Don't let your age stop you at all! I returned to school when I was 41, and I will be finishing soon at 43 years old. By the way, I have heard that the average age of a nurse presently is 44, so we are doing OK! One of the things that helped me decide to make the decision to return to school, was thinking about what it would be like to stay in a job where I was unhappy for many more years. You need to be happy, and nursing is a place where you can find plenty of reward in helping people. Just a few things to keep in mind, if you don't mind me offering a few suggestions. Nursing school is difficult! You have been through law school, so you already know what it is like to spend a lot of time studying, but you also need to spend practical time in hospitals, and learn a whole new way of thinking. If you have a family, it will be hard on them as well, as your social time with family and friends becomes very limited. I feel inspired by people like you, because sometimes, especially during difficult weeks, I still question whether I made the right decision. I am glad to know that not only are there plenty of 30 and 40 somethings out there that are making the decision to become nurses, but also making some sacrifices to do so. Good luck! You will be great!
  15. HathawayToGo

    Anyone can get into Nursing.

    Hello, I am sorry to hear you were upset by this conversation with your boyfriend. I am a new member here, and just started nursing school a few weeks ago. In only a few weeks, I am already learning things that are so new to me, such as nursing diagnoses, and dosage calculations. This is challenging, and I get the feeling that unless someone actually sees it first hand, he/she may not realize how difficult it can be. Be proud of yourself for what you are doing!